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Holland village in Singapore

Updated on May 20, 2009

Holland village in Singapore is one of the popular tourist attractions for visitors and tourists and for families and kids. Holland village is a great place to shop for Asian arts, crafts, handicrafts, new age wares, Indonesian ikat shops, spas, restaurants, bars and cafes. You can buy almost everything at Holland Village, with shop houses and the holland road shopping centre offering more than you can possibly imagine. The downtown area of Holland Village in Singapore offers comfortable lodging with hotels and guesthouses.

Holland village shopping mall in Singapore
Holland village shopping mall in Singapore

Holland village shopping centre:

Holland road shopping centre is four floors of eclectic shopping. Holland village in Singapore is home to many trendy, fashionable Asian arts, crafts, jewellery, furniture, carpets, homewares and wide variety of gift items. You can find decorative candles, curtains, lamps, tableware, hair dressing salons, pet shop, nail bars, beauty salons, massages and florist. Also you can get women's and kids fashion stores, electronic goods, books, and wide variety of gift items. Cold storage supermarket attract tourists for their household shopping. Other shops in the area sell teakwood furniture, cds, silk pillow covers and discount clothing.

There are two shopping centers in Holland Village, holland road shopping centre and holland V shopping mall. You can also visit a few art galleries that are located in the near by area.

Holland village in Singapore
Holland village in Singapore

Food and drink: Holland village in Singapore is a food lover's paradise which offers Indian, Chinese, Thai and European dishes. Many food chains inSingapore, such as coffee bean, burger king, bread talk, subway, Indochinese and haagen dazs are located in holland village. A 24-hour coffee shop, and a food court are also present with food courts selling Chinese and Indian dishes. Other eating places include Swensen's, Thai Express, Western cuisine, Japanese cuisine, seafood restaurants and wide variety of desserts. You can also fill the shopping baskets with baking supplies, cake flours, cocoa powder and silvered almonds.

Transport: Holland village is usually reached from other parts of Singapore either by bus or by car, and is linked to orchard road via holland road. Also there is new two storey car park near the back of the cold storage supemarket.

Holland village in Singapore


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      Ngiam 8 years ago


      The very first picture is actually a photograph of Orchard Road, not Holland Village area.

      Just FYI.