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Hollywood Casinos Perryville: Travel First Impressions

Updated on March 9, 2011

My wife and I had plans to head on North on I-95 one Saturday morning and thought about making a stop on Hollywood Casinos in Perryville to check it out.  I checked out the casino’s website and the place is conveniently off the Maryland exit 93 off I-95.  There is a toll before you get there.  You will pay this toll for every casino visit if you are traveling from the south.  There is a state road called route 40 that runs in parallel east of I-95 North.  You can take any exits to route 40 North before you cross the Susquehanna River so you can pay a toll that is good for 12 months.

There is one way to avoid the tolls going Route 1 North in Maryland’s Harford County.  You could take a number of exits to Route 1 but the last exit before the bridge going Northwest will take you there.  On Route 1, you would have to cross the Conowingo Dam and take a sharp right immediate to 222 after crossing the dam.  You will save $10 but the disadvantage is that you will have to go 20 miles out of the way to save on toll money.  I would recommend going this route only in daylight because there really isn’t much road lights after you make that sharp right.

I surf the Internet for reviews on the Casino because I did not know anyone that had been there before.  The majority of the reviews were bad and it was difficult finding any good things about the place.  My wife and I were determined to check it out anyway for curiosity.   A majority of the complaints was that compared to other casinos, the one in Perryville wasn’t as fun.  There were complaints about poor service and small size.

While surfing the new I dug up some tidbits about the Casino’s history.  It opened in September 2010.  The Maryland Republican Governor from 2003 to 2007, Bob Ehrlich, lobbied to a Democratic General Assembly for Slot Machines as way to generate revenue for the state.  He was unsuccessful but the next Governor, Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, pushed for slots and got it.  Predictably, like any slimy politician, he took the credit as well.

When we finally got to Hollywood Casinos on a Saturday morning, we saw about 20 cars in a parking lot that looked like it could take 5,000 cars.  The building looked bigger than I expected.  I joked to my wife that we will probably blow $100 in ten minutes.  This was one complaint mentioned in online reviews.  The casinos in neighboring states let you lose your money a lot slower.  Since I’ve never been to the Delaware or Pennsylvania casinos, I don’t know if it is true but I like the customer’s comment anyway.

Our strategy was to play $200 and try not to lose it all in two hours.  We would stop when 2 hours were up, unless we were winning a lot. 

We got inside and the first thing that greeted us was a signed warning that no one under the age of 21 was permitted to enter the casino.  One of the negative reviews mentioned that no one greeted them at the entrance.  The casino must have ready the reviews because, a casino employee eventually got to greet us.  However, he was practically talking to our backs when he did.

The inside of the casino was big.  I went in with low expectations because of the reviews.  One complaint was that the casino reminded him of a hotel lobby.  I was not mentioned what type of hotel.  I was imagining a two star hotel when I’ve read the comment.  But the casino was actually much bigger.  Although the place held 1500 slot machines, you can still lose your spouse inside if you separate.   The slot machine area looked like any slot machine area in casinos around the US.  But once you’ve left the casino, that’s it.  In other places, there will be more slots, card tables, and sights to look at (such as Las Vegas strip and Atlantic City boardwalk).

With Hollywood Casino Perryville, since you can’t bring your kids inside, you would have to go home and get a baby sitter, stay in the car while someone else gambles, or find a place to hang out.  There is a shopping outlet nearby but it is so small, you can’t really kill much time there.  I did see a huge construction sight nearby.  The casino is only six months old at the time of this writing and there seems to be lots of opportunity for growth.

I watched my wife play in the penny slot machines.  My role was to watch her so she doesn’t get carried away.  The thing about the penny slots is that they then to be like dollar slots or more.  In order to win big, you have to play all the lines and place a large bet.  It turned out that my joke was not joke.  We were there only 15 minutes and we’ve lost about $60 already on penny slots. 

As I wandered a bit, I ran into a card table.  Instead of a person, a video of a life sized hottie acted as a dealer.  She was a virtual dealer.  They had about 3 virtual poker tables and 3 black jack tables.  I decided to play black jack.  It was difficult to stare at the cards and at the video Asian babe at the same time.  Later, a brunette with very plump supple breast became the dealer.  Playing the game was getting hard if you know what I mean.  My wife caught me playing and started getting very jealous.  She left me off the hook because I was winning in black jack.

The most amazing observation about this blackjack table was that the minimum bet was $5.  In other casinos, this type of table is rare.  Sometimes, they seem extinct.

Later, my wife starting winning some of her money back in a mini-jackpot in the form of 8000 pennies.  I also started winning a little and somehow we managed to only lose $75 out of the $200 by the time our time limit was up.

It was almost lunch time and the buffet had not even opened yet.  The price of the buffet did not look appetizing to us and we decided not to stay any longer.

At first I could not believe this 24 hour casino had hardly anyone in it.  It really did not bothered me since I did not have to run into some rabid senior citizen or Asian gambler all the time in the bigger casinos.  I also like the fact that I was able to play blackjack alone.  In a crowded blackjack table, many times you play with people who like to give their opinion on how to play or how you played. 

On the way out, there were about three times as many people already in the casino.  On our way to the car, other vehicles were coming in here and there.  At that rate, the parking lot should be full by midnight.

Overall, I would say that Hollywood Casinos in Perryville is not too bad.  If you are a in the Baltimore Area and don’t feel like going to Pennsylvania or Delaware for slots, then at least you have a closer option.


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    • Romian1 profile image

      Romian1 6 years ago

      Unfortunately all the bad publicity in the world won't shut this casino down. It is very easy to get to from I-95 and lots of people are dreamers and desperate enough to keep coming.

    • profile image

      Becky Earls 6 years ago

      Well, today was my first visit to Perryville casino. I was greeted by a nicely dressed employee at the front door. Once I got my player's card, I placed it inside the machine and lost just like that. Found out that the slot machine was preselected at a max level and I lost all of my money. I approached the manager(who appeared drunk, liquor on breath and red eyes) who claimed he couldn't refund me back my money!