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Hong Kong Attractions

Updated on November 29, 2013

Places to See in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an exciting city with a lot of natural beauty around it. The climate is mild. It lies on the southeast coast of China. Its area is 1,104 sq. km.

The Ocean Park is one of its major attractions. You will find hordes of tourist from all over the globe. This park is on the south end of Hong Kong Island. One part of it lies on the highlands of Nam Lang Shan Mountain and the other Wong Chuk Hang Valley lowlands. It is a huge ocean park with an area of 170 acres. As you enter, you first visit the Aqua City then move on to the Grand Aquarium, which is three storied. It has about 5,000 fishes of 400 species. At night, you head to the fountain show Symboi at the Lagoon.

Hong Kong has a carnival festival which is set to entertain you. It is known as Skyfair Celebrations. The Waterfront Plaza has some amazing animal exhibits like Goldfish Theater, Sea Life Carouse, Bird Theater and the Emerald Trail. The tourist must visit the Whiskers Harbour area. The kids will enjoy this place.

Take a cable car ride to the Marine World. You get a fabulous view of Hong Kong Island. The tourist then goes on to the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium. Here, you see some endemic species from the China Yangtze River.

Ocean Park is an open-air theatre with a huge pond. The dolphins and sea lions entertain you. The tourists here take the Abyss Turbo drop ride, Flying Swing and the Roller Coaster.

Hong Kong becomes a pearl by night. The visitor goes to the Victoria Peak at night to see the multi-coloured night view of the city. This peak is the highest point about 1,817 feet above sea level. You get here by a tram. It is a splendid ride up the mountain. The journey takes about 8 minutes. The museum here exhibits one hundred waxworks of celebrities. When you reach the Peak Explorer, you will find projectors, sound systems and stimulation motion chairs.

Stand on the Lion Pavilion on a peak and you will see the Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon Peninsula. Victoria Harbour sees a flow of ships and is one of the world's busiest harbors.

Hong Kong Skyline

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Zoological and Botanical Gardens of Hong Kong are on the northern side of Victoria Peak. It consists of an area of about 6 hectares. The Pedestrian Tunnel connects the two parts of the park. The park has about 40 caged animals, 500 birds, 70 reptiles and about 70 mammals, and there are a number of plants. As you move ahead to the Fountain Terrace Garden, you will see many a colourful bloom. There is a Green House with some exotic plants. The tourist should check the opening hours before hand. One can go there by bus.

Do not miss shopping at Causeway Bay. Dine and enjoy the nightlife in Hong Kong. Times Square has within it the biggest emporium. Jardine's Bazaar is famous for shopping. The whole area at Causeway Bay is lit with neon lights. In the eastern part there is Victoria Park. From here, you witness the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. A Lantern Festival is also held here once a year.

When in Hong Kong do visit the Disneyland. It gives you a feeling of being in a wonderland. Mickey Mouse and other Disney figures walk and talk you around. It is a fun-filled experience especially for the kids.

Try out the Adventure Land, Jungle River Cruise, Festival of the Lion King and Tarzan Island. The visitor must pay a visit to the Fantasyland here. Meet Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty and all your bedtime stories will come racing back to your mind. Do remember to watch the Grand Parade and Firework Play before your day ends. Before you leave Hong Kong, do sample the famous eight cuisines of China.

Hong Kong Map

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Hong Kong Sightseeing


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