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Hong Kong : Disneyland Thrill Rides

Updated on March 5, 2013

First Time Abroad

It is my first time abroad. I went to Hong Kong with my mom, two siblings (ages 20 and 19), my boyfriend (aged 26), my mom's officemate, and my mom's officemate's two kids (aged 10 and 18). With that crowd in a theme park, what rides do you expect us to try?

We chose rides in the map that had a warning sign about making sure the rider has no health problems. In case you get a copy of the map, look for the red triangle sign. You can get a more comprehensive map after you enter Disneyland's entrance. Make sure you get the English version if you don't know how to read Chinese.

Space Mountain

The Space Mountain is located in Tomorrowland. One can't miss it, it is one huge dome. Like all Disneyland rides, we waited for quite sometime before getting in. It is inside a dome for a reason - inside is not just a roller coaster ride

The dome is needed to create a dark environment for the special effects that give the riders the feeling that s/he is traveling through space. I personally appreciated it because it is my first time to ride a "themed" roller coaster. And the effects are amazing...being able to involve all your senses in one roller coaster ride is genius.

For thrill junkies, do not expect much from this ride, 1 remember 3 fast twists but nothing more exciting than that. The ride is more for your eyes than your heart. I just wished it lasted longer though..

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

The Mine Cars are located in Grizzly Gulch. If I'm not mistaken, this is Disneyland HK's latest thrill ride. The ride included what seemed to be a skit/play with animatronics which was really cute and shocking. This added to the fun factor. This ride also has one surprise turn which was really fun. This skit/play gives the rider the opportunity to catch their breath after shouting from the twists and turns.

The unique part of this ride is that one part of it reverses the coaster which pulls the riders back for the next part of the ride. Although not too thrilling, this ride is enjoyable because it is cute.

RC Racer

RC Racer is the first thing you see behind a huge statue of Woody welcoming you to toy story land. When we saw this huge orange structure, we took time to watch how the ride is first before actually falling in line.

We were hesitant at first (especially me and Tristan), thinking it will make us all barf after. We fell in line anyway. A car will swing from point A to point B in a steep U-shaped track, providing hang time whenever the car reaches both ends.

It was no roller coaster but it was fun and thrilling enough for me. Good thing the ride was short because if not, we would all definitely making a mess. :)


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