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Horse Riding in Newquay - Ride a Horse on a Beach

Updated on July 14, 2016

If you're an experienced rider, or a novice, you can go horse riding at Newquay Riding Stables. If you're resident in the area, then you can take ongoing lessons, but for visitors there are some short treks to enjoy.

Gannel Estuary and Crantock Beach Trek

One of the treks Newquay Riding Stables organise, when the tide's right, is along the Gannel Estuary and up to Crantock Beach. The tide varies daily, so you would need to book for this trek to get the correct time of departure. Newquay Riding Stables is located right beside the Gannel, so once you've crossed the main road at the zebra crossing, you're down onto the estuary and away from traffic, noise, pollution and stress.... it's just you and the horse, trotting along the sand. - real horse riding in Newquay, you can't beat it!

Of course, there's all the others in the group and the leader, you're not entirely alone. Indeed, the Gannel Estuary can be a dangerous place if you don't know the tides because there's virtually no water at low tide, yet at high tide it's flooded to a height of about 6' - so, it's perfectly safe with the leader, who knows the route and can read the tides.

Horse Riding in Newquay - Ride a Horse on a Beach.
Horse Riding in Newquay - Ride a Horse on a Beach. | Source

Approved and Licensed

Newquay Riding Stables are fully approved and licensed to operate pony and horse trekking, as well as horse riding lessons.

Newquay Riding Stables is:

  • British Horse Society Approved
  • Cornwall County Council Licensed
  • A member of the Association of British Riding Schools

Group Rides

Group rides are for one or two hours. There are one-hour scenic routes and coastal routes available.

Stag Party and Hen Party Ideas

Ideal for Stag and Hen Party Groups

If you're looking for a quality stag or hen party experience, then why not organise a group booking with the stables. Do something a little more interesting, something nobody else in your group thought of first! Be a trend setter.

Pony Trekking and Riding for New or Nervous Riders

Some treks are organised for people who are new to pony trekking, or who are nervous. These are ideal for beginners.

Take a leisurely one hour trek along the Gannel Estuary.

There are hack rides and longer rides available (2 hours), but these are limited to experienced riders.

Evening Pub Ride

The evening pub ride is strictly for experienced riders only.

The whole ride is two hours long, stopping at a pub for a cold bowl of water for your horse and half a pint of non-alcoholic drink for yourself of course!

The evening pub rides are during the summer season only and start at the end of July, so you'll need to phone for the times and dates to join in.

Directions to Newquay Riding Stables

A markerNewquay Riding Stables -
Boating Lake, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 2HU, UK
get directions

Where, When and How Much?

There is limited parking at the stables, or across the boating lake there's on-road parking there too, which is free.

Opening Hours: Phone for latest times.

Horseriding Prices: Prices are roughly £20/hour, so a one-hour trek will be £20, a two-hour trek will be £40. For the safety of riders and the horses, if you've not been on a horse before you'll not be allowed on some of the more advanced treks, where you're expected to be able to control a horse on your own.

Address: Newquay Riding Stables, Trenance Stables, Trenance Leisure Centre, Newquay, Cornwall, UK, TR7 2HU
Telephone: 01637 872699


Newquay Riding Stables is:

  • British Horse Society Approved
  • Cornwall County Council Licensed
  • A member of the Association of British Riding Schools

Close up of one of the holy wells in Crantock, Newquay, Cornwall
Close up of one of the holy wells in Crantock, Newquay, Cornwall | Source

What to Do Next.....:

Having explored the length and breadth of the Gannel on horseback, you might have been intrigued by some of the sights you saw along the way. Heading out to sea you might have noticed the Fern Pit Cafe to the right. You can reach this by following the Gannel along the road, keeping as close to the Gannel as you can all the way you'll find the Fern Pit Cafe is a regular-looking bungalow on a residential estate, with a sign outside. Serving teas and a variety of food, there are then about 100 steps leading down to the beach and the Fern Pit Cafe Ferry that crosses over to Crantock Beach.

This cafe is a fab place to buy a crab or lobster, or crab sandwich or lobster sandwich - they're landed fresh, daily, at the base of the steps.

Crantock Village

From the stables, you can take the road route, through the Cafe and down the steps and over the ferry - or you could simply walk back down the route you just cantered along and explore Crantock Village. Just a few hundred yards inland you'll see that Crantock has a lot to offer, with an old pub, The Old Albion, that has a smugglers' tunnel and two holy wells.

On the beach itself, if the tide is low, head out to the far side and you'll find there is a large cave with a stone carving just inside on the right hand side. The carving is a picture of a woman's face, with a carved inscription

‘Mar not my face but let me be, Secure in this lone cave by the sea, Let the wild waves around me roar, Kissing my lips for evermore’

The height of the sands shifts a lot on Crantock beach, the first time I saw this carving it was about 7' high up the rocks; when I revisited I had to dig down into the sand to expose it!

The story of the carving isn't known, but is believed to come from when an early 20th century woman was horseriding along Crantock Beach when she and her horse got cut off by the tide, with the rough seas sweeping them away drowning them both. Her distraught lover carved a poem into a rock, in a cave on the beach, along with a portrait of his lost love and her horse. The carvings are said to be the work of a local man Joseph Prater.


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    • cornwall_UK profile image

      cornwall_UK 4 years ago from Cornwall, UK

      The beach where you can go riding a horse is just 2 miles down from Holywell Bay Beach where Summer in February, the film, was filmed in 2013.

    • cornwall_UK profile image

      cornwall_UK 6 years ago from Cornwall, UK

      I am not aware at the moment of any other places that offer horse riding on a beach in/near Newquay. I'm sure they must exist, I just don't know of them.

    • profile image

      Emily 6 years ago

      Hi is there any riding schools in cornwall that do beach rides that does not cost £30-£50. I am desperatly looking for somewhere i can ride a horse or pony along a beach. Can you email me please on

      Thank you

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 7 years ago from San Francisco

      How lovely! The evening pub ride sounds especially fun, though I definitely wouldn't be allowed, as all of my horse experiences either involve me falling off or the horses running off with me on them! Hahaa