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Hotel Capricorn and Laax from a snowboarder perspective (26-Mar-2010 – 8-Apr-2010)

Updated on July 22, 2010
A markerHotel Capricorn -
Via Cons 405, 7031 Laax, Switzerland
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Regarding the Hotel Capricorn (stayed 26-Mar-2010 – 8-Apr-2010):

  • The Capricorn’s owner, Gusti, probably should have never chosen an occupation in the hospitality business, as he almost has no feel for guest relations. He’s quite strict, but if you’re polite and not argumentative, you may get what you ask for.

  • Note that the Capricorn is not an actual hotel: there’s no room-service. My vacation lasted 12 days, of which only one day my room was cleaned and bedding changed.
    This means you’d have to keep the room clean, as no one will clean it for you.

  • The ski-room has no electricity (so, no light, and no drying for boots). However, there was no objection to me taking my snowboard to my room (which enabled me to do wax/edges’ service on my board every evening).


  • Transportation:
  • Very convenient location, transportation-wise. The Bus from Chur stops at the Laax Marcau (the Via Cons junction). From there it’s less than 60 meters to the hotel. Getting back to Cher is even more convenient as the bus stop is just opposite the hotel across the main road.
    The shuttle to/from Laax and Flims Bergbahns (base-stations) stops at the same stops. Shuttles are free.

  • In addition to the shuttle that goes between Flims and Falera (number 01), there’s also a shuttle to Salums (number 21) and to Cons (number 22), both stop at the Via Cons junction.

  • In case one has missed the last shuttle, the post-bus costs CHF2.40 from Flims bergbahn to Cons.

  • See excerpts from the free shuttle timetable at


  • Laundry:
    There are no laundry facilities. Get a shower gel in Volg supermarket (CHF1.40) and do your washing yourself. Drying laundry could be done on the room’s heating-radiator.

  • Meals:
  • Breakfast is uniform every day, and includes yogurt, fruit, honey, cheeses, butter, prunes, breads, coffee, tea, fruit juice. Boring but satisfactory.

  • One can sign for Supper also (I never did, as the meals were vegetarian only).

Wi-Fi:Room 14 (first floor), where I stayed, on the corner of the hotel that faces Flims, seems to be right above the Wi-Fi router which is probably in the bar, and has an excellent connection to the Internet (its 54 Mbps, 802.11G). No password necessary. If you’re preparing lunch sandwiches, you may ask you leave to products (e.g., Salmon) in the Capricorn’s kitchen’s fridge.


Regarding Laax:


  • Of all my snowboarding vacations till today, at Laax I had the most powder - and this include my vacation in Whistler-Blackcomb. As a matter of fact, two days were so snowy and foggy that I decided not to go on the mountain. In retrospect, this seems to be a mistake, because on another day with the same conditions I went on the mountain and even though there were unpleasant parts of the day, due to high winds and visibility of no more than 15 meters, there were other times of the day were the awesome virgin powder stretches would be worth the miserable moments.

  • At your hotel and at many other places you may get the piste-plan.
    Put it in your snowboarding/ski pants, along with the shuttle timetable.

  • In the Nagens easy restaurant, all the food signs are in Romansh/German only (you may use
    When you take from the salad-bar (100gr is CHF3.20), the weight of the plate is taken into account. You can use your SkiDirect card in the easy restaurants. When paying with a credit card, sometimes the option to pay in NIS is given: it is more cost effective to pay in CHF.

  • A bus ticket (after last Shuttle bus has gone) from Flims Bergbahn to Laax Cons junction is CHF2.40

  • From Falera to the ski-site, there’s a 4 chair-lift. A small number have rain covers.

  • The Flims-Laax-Falera shuttle stops at Falera post, where you need to take another shuttle (a minibus) to the Falera bergbahn.

  • It is possible to get from Vorab glacier all the way down to Flims in one go: it’s 17 KM.



  • There’s no need to buy vegetables in the supermarkets, as one can buy these (by weight) from the salad-bars in the easy restaurants on the mountain.



  • If you arrive at the end of March /beginning of April, all the equipment shops are having sales starting at 30%. Flims/Laax is not a shopping Mecca, but bargains could be had.


·        Volg at the square of the Laax Bergbahn (base station).

·        Volg at Laax centre.

·        Coop and Donner in Flims (take the shuttle to Flims post, and walk about 50 meters towards the Flims bergbahn on the main roads’ right hand side (mountain-side) sidewalk).

·        The petrol station at the Laax Rancho circle has a small shop for emergencies (open 24/7).

·        If you buy fruits/vegetables, you have to weigh them before getting to the checkout.



  • At Flims/Laax are several wellness centers. The nearest to the Capricorn is the Laax Cons centre, at N10 on the Laax Location map (from the Capricorn, cross the Via Cons road, turn right, cross the field on the asphalt track, go up the hill, and immediately down on the track on the other side of the summit.


  • Take to the sauna:
    Book, bicycle pants, flippers, soap, shampoo, comb, socks, underpants, t-shirt, umbrella, plastic bags.

Laax motto
Laax motto
Before the downhill run
Before the downhill run
Snow keep falling on my head
Snow keep falling on my head
Heavy snowfall
Heavy snowfall
Free concert
Free concert
Concert draws skiers crowd
Concert draws skiers crowd


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    • profile image

      Kol from London 6 years ago

      I've used the Capricorn lounge as a place to stay a few times, not in the past couple of years however. I am in Laax every year and use the bar and Gusti knows me as the English guy with the Red Land Rover! Did you take the time to share a coffee or a beer and talk to Gusti one to one without any hassle? He runs a good place, it is basic - its a backpackers and they don't advertise it as anything else! If you expect luxury go elsewhere, I have always found it really friendly so these comment are odd. Like many places, you need to understand how it works, so relax, talk to the owner and those running it - they are good people who know the area very well. The price is very good so don't expect even 2* room service every day. Evening dinner used to be good but as I say its been a while since I ate there so it may have changed.

      Not a bad review overall, there are two decent butchers in Flims, one has great homemade goodies such as Spatzli if you are self catering. Under La Siala is an obvious off piste area missed. The Grauberg piste is a locals favorite as you can ride it to warm up early morning 4x per hour if you are quick enough and then hit the Segneshutte for coffee and a lovely Surselva view.

      Finally - get a German dictionary/phrase book and learn a bit of it - not everyone speaks English!