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Find A Hotel In Nottingham UK

Updated on March 10, 2011
Robin Hood - Nottingham's Hero!
Robin Hood - Nottingham's Hero!

Hotel - Nottingham Guide

The city of Nottingham, in the East Midlands region of the UK, is increasingly popular for tourism with a great range of attractions and shops to visit. Famous for Robin Hood, and at one time for a world beating football team, Nottingham attracts lots of visitors looking for somewhere to stay, and if they are like me, these visitors browse the Internet for a hotel. Nottingham has a good choice to suit all budgets, many of them listed on all the usual hotel booking sites, with their reviews of the hotel service and quality of the room and restaurant. But one thing is often missing - that insider information on the local area. Is that hotel in Nottingham really only two minutes from the theatre? What's the parking like and so on.

So, as I've lived in Nottingham in the UK for about fifty years, on and off, I thought I'd provide a little of the information you could struggle to find on the hotel booking sites. I don't know it all; the city is ever changing but I know much more than a web editor sat in an office thousands of miles away, and I'm not biased in favour of any hotel in Nottingham.

I've split the information into four major sections;

  • Hotels in Nottingham city centre - this page
  • Nottingham motels - the "lodges" as we often call them (coming soon)
  • Nottingham - East Midlands Airport Hotels (coming soon)

There is some overlap, but it should all make some sort of sense!

Carry on reading for city centre hotels in Nottingham - follow the links for the others

Disclaimer: the information provided is intended to be accurate and helpful but I can't take responsibility for errors and omissions.

Hotels In Nottingham City Centre

Here's a list of hotels in Nottingham city centre, with a bit of information to help you.

Britannia Nottingham- a typical multi-storey concrete block - I remember it being built in the 1960s along with the multi-storey car park next door. Originally called The Albany, it's been through various owners, most recently being a Holiday Inn, but now a Britannia. Right on the inner ring road, and a few hundred yards walk downhill along the pedestrianised St James Street into the market square or Slab Square as the locals call it. It's also only a few hundred yards walk downhill to Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem - claimed to be the England's oldest pub and hewn out of the castle rock. Always worth a visit - it's a unique pub.

Britannia Nottingham reviews are generally favourable for a big faceless city centre hotel although there are some gripes about some facilities being a bit tired.

The Park Plaza is just across the inner ring road from the Britannia and was converted from an office block some time ago. It is very central with the shortest of walks to the square in the centre of the city. And if you want cheap food and drink there's a Wetherspoons pub literally round the corner. The reviews I've read are very mixed but OK - some people can't fault this hotel, others complain about breakfast, or lack of pillows. I guess it's down to personal expectations!

Don't stay here expecting to visit the Tales Of Robin Hood just across the road - it closed down a while ago!

Britannia on the left, Park Plaza on the right
Britannia on the left, Park Plaza on the right
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express

The Express By Holiday Inn is just along the road from the the Park Plaza, on a very busy roundabout. Not much can be said other than it's one of the Express by Holiday Inn chain built fairly recently when the old ABC cinema and surrounding offices were demolished. Its "quadruple glazed" and air conditioned to keep the noise out, and it would need to be - it's on the inner ring road which is always very busy. Very central - it's a short walk to the theatre, and all the nightlfe but would take about 15-20 minutes to walk across town to the Arena. Car parking would have to be in any one of several local car parks.

The Rutland Square
The Rutland Square

The Rutland Square Hotel is tucked away at the top of a hill, very close to Nottingham Castle (more of a stately home than a castle!) and a few minutes walk downhill into the city centre. It's on a fairly quiet road so noise shouldn't be a problem, compared with some of the other hotels nearby, on the inner ring road. The reviews are good with a few minor gripes but parking isn't cheap in the adjacent car park at £14 per night. (Nov 09).There is a tiny hotel car park which is cheaper but seems to be always full. Walk down the hill past the statue of Robin Hood and and you'll find Ye Trip To Jerusalem pub, sitting at the base of the castle rock and always worth a visit.

Hilton Nottingham - lovely old red brick building, originally the Victoria Hotel built along side the Victoria Station. The station has long gone and is now the Victoria Centre - one of Nottingham's two major shopping malls. Reviews are generally OK and there's no doubt the older building has more character than a concrete block, and it's got a gym. The hotel has a tiny car park but there are car parks very close by. It's in the city centre so you won't have to walk far to any attraction and is ideal for the Theatre Royal and Concert Hall.

Crowne Plaza Nottingham - if you're visiting Nottingham for the Theatre Royal or Concert Hall, then this is the nearest hotel, virtually next door. Built as the Royal Hotel it's most attractive feature is the glass covered "atrium" complete with indoor trees, that runs along the back of the building with various bars and restaurants. It's not cheap but it scores well on the review sites, has a leisure club and offers everything you'd expect from a Crowne Plaza hotel. It's right in the city centre with a multi-storey car park alongside.

Strathdon Hotel - I remember this being built as well and I think it's one of the very few Nottingham city centre hotels to retain its original name. It's another 1960s concrete block totally lacking in any character from the outside, but the reviews I've read are generally positive. The Strathdon is fairly central, not quite as close to the theatre as the Crowne Plaza but only a few minutes walk. It's very close the the Nottingham Playhouse but on the main Derby Road which could be noisy at times. Being in Nottingham city centre, means there is no car park, but there is a multi-storey very close and overnight on-street parking (pay and display) within a few hundred yards.

Hart's Hotel, on Park Row is on the edge of what was Nottingham's professional area, i.e., offices for lawyers, accountants and private doctors. And Park Row also borders "The Park" an extensive area of large private houses on the edge of the city centre. It's in an exclusive, quiet area. But that means it's a but further to walk into the city centre - downhill all the way, and uphill all the way back. The reviews are good, but you pay for the area it's located in and although the hotel has a private car park, it will set you back another £8 to use it.

Coming soon... a few notes on

  • The Comfort Hotel
  • The Ibis Nottingham
  • The Days Hotel
  • The Lace Market Hotel
  • The Welbeck Hotel

Hotel - Nottingham - Comments

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  • bigmikeh profile image

    bigmikeh 7 years ago from UK

    Thanks Prettypaula.

  • bigmikeh profile image

    bigmikeh 7 years ago from UK

    Thanks for all the really helpful information WriteAngled.

  • WriteAngled profile image

    WriteAngled 7 years ago from Abertawe, Cymru

    I lived in Nottingham until two years ago. Got to know quite a few hotels through friends who used them. Also had to go back to Nottingham about once a month until very recently.

    Park Plaza is definitely my first choice because the beds are SOOO comfortable. If we ever needed extra pillows, this was easily sorted by calling reception. We never bothered with breakfast there, just went round the corner for a cheap and good fry-up in Tuckers. The bar is very expensive, but the cocktails are marvellous.

    Strathdon used to have a lovely residents' bar on the first floor; very tranquil and comfortable. Unfortunately, they only open it for functions now. They also had a good restaurant with a superb maitre d' in charge, who would fillet a Dover sole before your eyes in 2 minutes flat. Sadly that too is no more.

    In my opinion, Britannia is a shabby dump. We stayed at the Hilton once, but were unimpressed. The evening buffet was lukewarm and when we complained about this, the response we got was unsatisfactory.

  • Suki C profile image

    Barbara C 7 years ago from Andalucia, Spain

    oops - OK, though they might like the free publicity :)

  • bigmikeh profile image

    bigmikeh 7 years ago from UK

    Suki: Yes it would be easy to use their photos but I try to stay legal; and most photos are copyright.

  • Suki C profile image

    Barbara C 7 years ago from Andalucia, Spain

    good, accurate info - I am from Nottingham though about to move to Spain full time. I'll use this info next time I'm over for a visit :)

    (about photos - how about getting some off their own sites until you can take your own - a map would be useful as well)

  • bigmikeh profile image

    bigmikeh 7 years ago from UK

    Thanks CMHypno.

    Vizey - the pictures will follow - I just need to get into town to take them!

  • Vizey profile image

    Vizey 7 years ago

    You hsould have added some pictures of the hotels to make the hub more realistic and appealing.. nevertheless, interesting hub.. I love UK..


  • CMHypno profile image

    CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

    If I ever need a place to stay in Nottingham, I'll come back and re-read all the hotel info! Great info on the hotels.