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Hotel Rooms And The “A’s” Next Door

Updated on May 5, 2010


Let’s face it, unless you know a hotel and have stayed there before it’s a complete crapshoot when you book online. The pictures look great, it looks like a big room and then you find out that it’s a bed that goes almost to the four walls that are your room. But perhaps nothing was more unsettling to me during a recent hotel stay than to find that there was one of those “adjoining” doors between my room and the people who were settled into the room next to me. That’s right, they were “A” and I was “B” and I was having none of it. Hotel rooms and the “A’s” next door – Don’t Get Me Started!

It was supposed to be one of those “spa and athletic” hotels. There was a spa in it somewhere I guess (though I would never end up seeing it) and there was plenty to do from an athletic standpoint from the book that listed all the amenities. And although it seems like a bit of a gay stereotype I would lying if I didn’t just go ahead and admit that it was more the spa portion that attracted me to the hotel. Though I would have a weekend full of activities on my own, I thought that the fact that it was a spa hotel would mean I don’t know that there would be an ever present water fountain trickling in the background of each room while they piped in patchouli and other exotic scents meant to soothe and calm. Not so much.

As I opened the hotel room door I was greeted by the bed. Now if I had been some sort of prostitute or alcoholic this would have been a great room because less than one step to get to the bed and there was so little space to walk around the bed that you could be one of the Flying Wallendas and not hurt yourself as the bed would catch you at every turn. It gave the feeling of being in a padded room. The bathroom was more spa-like and was about the same size as the bedroom which gave you an odd feeling that perhaps the bathroom was the better place to spend the night. As I had checked in late and had to be up early the next morning I had left a wakeup call. After unpacking and settling into the bed I noticed two things I had not noticed before. The first was that there was no clock in the room (I felt like I was back in Vegas) and the second was that the phone (that was going to ring at 6:30am the next morning was not on one of the bedside tables but on a tiny Bob Cratchit desk that was the furthest from the bed you could get in the room.

And as I surveyed the room from the gargantuan bed I suddenly saw it, the door to the “A” room. I don’t know who was over there but that hardly mattered. As I laid there in the bed (which I must admit was one of the most comfortable beds ever) I couldn’t help but think that at any moment the door to the “A” room would come flying open and suddenly there would be an axe murderer in the room with me or worse, someone that was “nice” and wanted to meet a new friend saying, “Oops, I didn’t know anyone was on this side of the door but now that I’m here do you want to make smores on the coffee maker heating element?” I stared at the door and imagined all the things you shouldn’t. You know, the closet door from the movie Poltergeist – “Go into the light Carol Ann” rang in my brain. As I was laying there I decided to call my spouse to get my mind off the door (though it was hardly easy to do as it was directly across from the bed and I would be facing it all night).

As I was talking to my spouse he kept saying, “What? I can’t hear you. Are you whispering?” Of course I was whispering it was almost 1am and I didn’t want to be a bad neighbor to the “A’s” that I didn’t even know. As my spouse assured me I was being ridiculous by all the scenarios I had created in my mind not the least of which was whispering so that he couldn’t understand a word I was saying and telling him that I couldn’t turn on the television because it might disturb the neighbors I didn’t know because I had surmised that the walls were very thin even though I couldn’t hear them and I don’t really guess they could hear me, he lovingly assured me that I was being irrational and after wishing me a nice night’s sleep got off the phone with me as soon as possible.

There I was, 1am and staring at the door. I can’t remember what time I fell asleep but I finally managed it. The good news was that I never saw or heard from the “A’s” the entire weekend and that I have an amazing internal body clock that woke me up, as the wakeup call never happened. The bad news was that I couldn’t help but look at that door every night and wonder what was on the other side and if I would encounter it. From now on I’m asking the question when I book a room, “Do you have adjoining rooms?” Because I’ve got enough stress in my life without worrying about hotel rooms and the “A’s” next door – Don’t Get Me Started!

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