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Hotel Tonight Promo Code

Updated on October 21, 2014

What is the Hotel Tonight App?

Hotel Tonight is an App which you can download on any smart phone which has access to the app store. Every day after 12pm, it allows you to see a list of hotels in London or New york (and some other cities too now) which offer a discount on that night. It is great if you find yourself somewhere unexpectedly or you need a bed for the night.

The hotels are all at reduced prices and the app tends to list luxury hotels and also gives a rating for how good the hotel is. This is contributed by other users, so you can rely on it.


What does the Promo Code do?

If you enter the promo code: UBERCHEETAH you get £15/$25 credit when you sign up to the app. This can be used for money off your first hotel and helps to reduce the cost of a night in a luxury hotel even more.

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What type of hotels does Hotel Tonight show?

All hotels listed are at the very least "basic luxury" - the room price is per 2 people and many of them offer a free breakfast.

There are several categories that each hotel will be listed under including luxury, charming, hip, solid and basic. These categories help you to choose the best fit for what you are looking for. Prices also vary depending on what you go for.


Use promo code UBERCHEETAH to get $25/£15 off your first purchase.

Hotel Tonight Logo
Hotel Tonight Logo

What cities does it work in?

The Hotel Tonight App works in most major US cities and also in London, Edinburgh and some other big cities across the world.

Cities such as New York, London and San Fransisco have more hotel options due to their popularity with business trips and one night stays.

Promo Code will help you save money on your first stay in a hotel.
Promo Code will help you save money on your first stay in a hotel.


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