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Hotels Near Great Smoky Mountains

Updated on August 19, 2009

Finding a hotel near the Great Smoky Mountains is a very fun thing to do because it will help you decide how much fun you will have on your vacation. However, with all the available hotels that are located near the Great Smoky Mountains you will be wondering where you want to stay. Now I know that for many people doing the camping option is not available because some people do not have the money to pay for a camper or tent even though it can lead to repeated uses, but even if you do have the money you might not want to camp outdoors in the Great Smoky Mountains campsites. However, you will want to stay somewhere which is why you will want to find a hotel near the Great Smoky Mountains. Here are two towns that you will want to consider staying at for a hotel that is near the Great Smoky Mountains.

The first town that you will want to consider for a hotel near the Great Smoky Mountains would be Gatlinburg. Now many people are familiar with Gatlinburg and realize that it does offer quite a bit of options for a hotels that are near Great Smoky Mountains, but because of the popularity of the location the hotel cost can be rather expensive. However Gatlinburg and the hotels that are close the Great Smoky Mountains are worth the expense because of the convience of entrance to the park and how easy and readily available it is to spend money on food and shopping for items for family members to enjoy when you return from your vacation. However, Gatlinburg is a great place that I love to go on vacation to and love it because of the convience of the Great Smoky Mountains nearby,

However, if you prefer to have a quiet vacation without the worry of having the temptation to spend a ton of money you will want to check out Townsend. Now I have not personally stayed in Townsend, but I do know that according to people that I know that have stayed in Townsend that it is a great place to stay and is quite a bit quieter without having the large hustle and bustle  that can be found in some of the other locations that are near the Great smoky Mountains.

While these are just two of the towns that are near the Great Smoky Mountains I know that many other towns are around. The towns of Townsend and Gatlinburg are a couple that have entrances to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I know that other towns do exist that have entrances to various parts of the Great Smoky  Mountains National Park. However, these are two towns that I would recommend that you can have a great time in while traveling in or around the Great Smoky Mountains.

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