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Hotels in Strasbourg: Choosing a Strasbourg Hotel for Your Next Trip to France

Updated on July 17, 2011
La Maison des Tanneurs
La Maison des Tanneurs | Source

Strasbourg Hotels: How to Choose the Perfect Hotel

There are almost as many charming hotels in Strasbourg, France as there are half-timbered buildings. And there are a lot of half-timbered buildings.

Be sure to stop by the most famous of all, the 16th century Maison des Tanneurs (pictured to the right), for some authentic Alsatien cuisine on your next trip.

Choosing your Strasbourg hotel from all of the terrific choices is the first step in planning your trip to this beautiful city in northeastern France. To help in the planing process, below are descriptions of some of the best hotels in Strasbourg.

With all the sites to see while in France, you likely won't be spending too much time in your hotel room. Nonetheless, you'll still want to make sure you choose a comfortable and clean hotel with a reputation for good service. An uncomfortable hotel can really put a damper on any trip.

Another key factor in choosing your hotel is location. While this is not as important a factor as it would be in a bigger city such as Paris, you'll still want to decide if you want to walk outside of your hotel and be in the center of the action, or if you prefer a quieter location on the outskirts of town.

In any event, Strasbourg is, for the most part, a walkable city and also has good public transportation, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting to the sites regardless of the location you choose.

Reflections of Strasbourg


Some Inexpensive Hotels in Strasbourg

  • Hôtel Gutenberg ~ A 2-star hotel offering small but clean and charming rooms, centrally located, from 75 to 135 euros per night.
  • Hôtel des Vosges ~ Within near the railway and walking a short walk of most of the Strasbourg sites, this hotel offers rooms from 90 to 150 euros per night.
  • Hôtel de l'Esplanade ~ Most of the other hotels in Strasbourg listed here are within walking proximity of the center of action. The Hôtel de l'Esplanade is a little further away, but not much -- only a 5-10 minute tram ride away. Rooms are small but contemporary and clean, starting at 60 euros/night.

Gear up for France

Which Strasbourg Hotel Will You and Your Traveling Partners Call "Chez Nous"?

Régent Petite France

The Régent Petite France is a luxury Strasbourg hotel located in the heart of the center-city section. It sits on the bank of the Îll River and is surrounded on three sides by water.

The building was originally a mill and dates to the 1600s. It was not turned into a hotel until 1991, when the renovations turned it into a luxury hotel with 60 regular rooms, 12 suites and 4 duplexes. All of the rooms feature flat screen TVs and offer WiFi. Decorations are modern and juxtapose nicely with the exposed beams that are in many of the rooms. Many rooms offer views overlooking the Îll and the heart of the city, Îll-de-France.

The Régent Petite France also offers an elegant and brilliantly designed bar overlooking the Îll, and a restaurant featuring the gastronomical delights of chef Cédric Kallenbach. There is also a small sauna and fitness equipment.

This luxury Strasbourg Hotel in the heart of the action has an average rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 1,000 Internet reviews, a very impressive ranking. Standard rooms start at 155 euros and can go as high as 460 euros, depending on the time of year. Suites range from 285 to 790 euros. At 22 euros, we recommend skipping the breakfast buffet as it is a bit steep and there are plenty of terrific options right outside your door.

Well, okay, indulge in the buffet on one day of your stay . . . but just make sure you down enough mimosas to get your money's worth.

Le Kléber Hôtel

If you are on more of a budget than those high rollers over at the Régent, no worries, the Kléber Hôtel may be just the right Strasbourg hotel for you.

Situated on the border of Place Kléber (the main square in the old (center) city, home annually to the 90-100 foot tall Christmas tree), le Kléber Hôtel offers an excellent location and a terrific value for the budget-minded Strasbourg traveler. It is located in a pedestrian-only area, so there is no car noise (but people in the square can generate some noise, typically not too late though).

Prices start at 62 euros/night and go up to 130 per night. Rooms are small, but clean, and the price includes flat-screen television and free WiFi in every room. Breakfast is offered in a hotel restaurant that overlooks Place Kléber and has views of the Strasbourg cathedral.

The Kléber Hôtel may be one of the best Strasbourg hotel deals out there. It has a rank of 4 out of 5 stars with 173 Internet reviews.

Sofitel Strasbourg Grand Île

This luxury Strasbourg hotel is located on Grande Île, the historic center of the city of Strasbourg, near the cathedral. Featuring a sleek, modern ambiance and accompanying décor, the Sofitel Strasbourg Grand Île hotel offers rooms from the 215 sq. ft. “Classic” overlooking the courtyard to the 1400 sq. ft. “Opera Suite,” featuring walk-in closets, a dressing area and a balcony with a view of the cathedral.

The hotel, including Goh , the hotel restaurant serving French cuisine and Le Link, the hotel bar offering tapas menu items, has a very modern and sleek decor. Room service is offered 24/7.

The best thing is all rooms in this Strasbourg hotel, from the Classic to the Opera Suite, offer a flat-screen TV, free Wifi service, minibar, safe, and Bose audio system with iPod dock.

Rooms run $150 - $500/night depending on the size of the room/time of the year. Break out your Amex Black Card for the Opera Suite -- it can run almost $2,000/night.

If you are looking for luxury, the Hotel Sofitel Grande Île is one of the nicest of all the Strasbourg hotels. Internet reviewers have given it an average of 4 out of 5 stars over 258 reviews.

Hotel Maison Rouge

The Hotel Maison Rouge is located on rue des Francs-Bourgeois in the city center of Strasbourg next to Place Kléber. This Strasbourg hotel offers 140 rooms with contemporary design and furnishings. Each room comes equipped with a minibar, WiFi, and cable television.

Rooms run from 91 euros for a single room with shower only (no tub) to 189 euros for luxury rooms suitable for two people. Luxury suites with marble bathrooms, Jacuzzi tubs and multi-jet showers run from 300 to 350 euros. The breakfast buffet is excellent and fairly priced at 14.5 euros.

One of the consistently positive remarks heard about this hotel is that the cleanliness of the facilities and the service are both top-notch.

The Hotel Maison Rouge has a 4 out of 5 star average rating from 773 Internet reviews.

Bon Voyage!

Enjoy your trip to Strasbourg, and remember, it's not so much about what hotel you stay in as it is about how much of the culture you are able to take in while you are there. When in France, do like the French do . . .

To learn more about the city before you go, check out this hub on Strasbourg.

And don't forget that Paris is only about 4 1/2 hours away from Strasbourg, so be sure to get over there and check out these Paris sites while you're in the neighborhood!


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    • Mike's Corner profile image

      Mike's Corner 6 years ago from Maryland

      Thanks Genna -- everyone should visit Strasbourg at least once!

      Tuscany, great idea, I may have to do a little fieldwork . . .

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      These are wonderful hubs! The more I read about this wonderful place, the more I want to visit. :)

      By the way, any chance you will do a series on Tuscany? (Hint, hint?)