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Hotels and Being Handicapped

Updated on February 15, 2012

Belterra Hotel

All about service

The Belterra Hotel Casino in florence indiana is a comfortable enough hotel, albeit in a strange location. The staff was generally nice and friendly, but not exactly attentive, But during my 3 day stay I have encountered several instances with the hotel staff help people with handicapped disabilities' and in that area service was severely horrible. My main gripe with this hotel was not it's room, but it's inattentive service. After arriving at the hotel, a bellhop took my luggage, and and treated me like a king but when I went to the reservation desk it went down hill from there.

By me being handicapped when I made my reservations I ask them about certain services for the handicapped like a room close to the elevator because I have a leg disease and breathing problems and a electric motor cart to help me get around to enjoy what the hotel had to offer, with all this being said I was told they can accommodate my request I also let them know that I was bringing medical equipment like a oxygen concentrator and other breathing machines.

When I received my key card the bell hop took us to our room that was on the 5th floor but on the other side of the the building but when I received my key they said I was close to the elevator, so the bell hob let me into the room that they gave me why he tried to get us a closer room so while I was taking a breathing treatment my wife went back down stairs to see what could be done. While my wife was at the reservation she was told that we could not be moved so she calls me on my cell phone and told me we were leaving, as I get down in the lobby to leave the bell hop went to the hotel manager and told them what was going on and they did find me a room on the 11th floor and the room was 8 doors away from the elevators, that was fine but while me and my wife were unpacking she was telling me that the front desk clerk told her that the reason we could not be moved to another room was because we were not high rollers I was shocked because when your staying in a hotel there main business to there customers should be service.

So after getting through this set back me and my wife were preparing to go down for dinner and I called the front desk to ask about my motor scooter I was told it would be there after waiting 2 hours my wife and I went down to the front desk and I was told by the clerk that I could not receive the scooter because I was not a high roller I EVEN OFFERED TO RENT THE SCOOTER AND I WAS DENIED because I was not a high roller, now they did offer me a wheel chair but because of the size of my legs I could not fit in the wheel chair and that was something that I had talked with them about when making my reservations.

What bothers me the most is in the lobby they have this big sign saying A memorable experience at Belterra starts with unforgettable service.

I really think in my opinion that the Belterra dose not care about the people that patronize them, its the little people who keep them open not the high rollers let the little people stop coming and then will see were the money comes from, plus while I was waiting for a manager to come and talk to me about my scooter I looked around and saw that it was 90 percent senior citizens in the hotel going to the casino and eating in there restaurants .

This hotel's bad service reared its ugly head in a couple of other instances after the bad first day. My wife went to the front desk to ask a question a member of the staff there were busy and on the phone, and waved at my wife rather rudely, indicating that she should wait. No one attended to her for a whole fifthteen minutes.

The whole stay was horrible the only good thing was the bell hop helping us even at check out they did not say sorry or is there anything else they can do to make things any better they took our credit card gave me a receipt then waited on some one else after getting home my wife was balancing our check book to find out that they took $ 50.00 dollars more than they were suppose to, when I called them on this they said that its policy to take the $50.00 dollars to hold on from the down payment but it that's the case I think it should have be deducted from the overall bill.

Being in a full service business myself I think no one should be treated the way me and my wife were treated and being a handicapped person the treatment I received was a slap in the face and today I still waiting for a phone call form someone at the Belterra but I KNOW THAT'S NOT COMING BECAUSE i'M NOT A HIGH ROLLER.


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