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Houses in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria

Updated on February 21, 2010


Why should you reside in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria?

Ikeja is the capital city of Lagos State in South west Nigeria. It is both an industrial area and a residential area as well. Back in the 1970s and 80s when economic activities in Lagos Nigeria were considerable less pronounced as they are today, Ikeja was actually designed to be a residential area and so it was until population explosion in the 1990s brought about commercial revolution.

Ikeja has many notable landmarks such as the international airport, Ikeja Army Cantonment (one of Nigeria’s biggest military Barracks), the seat of government at Alausa, the very popular computer village and many more.

Available Infrastructure

Ikeja has available and well organized infrastructure especially road networks, bridges and Telecommunications facilities and equipment. Ikeja has perhaps some of the best constructed houses and road network however due to its strategic nature has attracted more than it can accommodate in terms of population density.

Strategic area of Lagos

Ikeja is located in the heart of mainland Lagos which means one could readily link up with many other parts of the mainland in record time barring the ever unpredictable Lagos traffic. Ikeja also has a large industrial estate, many retail outlets and a number of service based industries. Ikeja is also home to the Head quarters of the Lagos State Police Command.

Reasons why I will not reside in Ikeja

Crime Rate

Although crime rate is dropping in Ikeja, however look out for pick pockets, muggers and touts. They are never in short supply especially around computer village, passport office in GRA and even at bus stops.

Power failure

Ikeja is one of the worst places to experience electricity failure. In most cases people could go for days (5 or more) or even weeks without having a single minute of electricity supply. As a result petrol and diesel powered generators have now become the main source of power supply to residents and businesses in the area.

High Population Density

As far as I am concerned ikeja is over populated. Okay what I mean to say is that the commercial areas of ikeja have an extremely high population relative to similar places elsewhere. Unlike Oshodi and idumota which are more of markets, ikeja especially Kodesoh, Awolowo way, and Otigba Street are beehives from Mondays to Saturdays. Other places in Ikeja particularly the residential areas are often quiet but are also expensive. House rent in this part of town (GRA, Opebi, Allen, Adeniyi Jones and so on) is eye popping.

Increasingly growing commercial center

Places like computer village as far back as 1999 were residential areas, however today they commercial centers attracting visitors, customers and traders from all over the state. Many other adjoining streets and communities such as Anifowose, Oba Akran and even the rail lines are also becoming commercial areas.

High cost of living

The cost of living in Ikeja is gradually becoming unbecoming. Everything in this area except food and even that is relative is more expensive here than in other places in Lagos except of course, Ajah, lekki, Victoria Island and Ikoyi. The list is expensive items is exhaustive; Rent, clothes, fashion accessories, commercial services and transportation fares among others.


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