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How Directional Signage Help the People Who Use Them

Updated on December 27, 2013
Directional Signage
Directional Signage

As the name indicates, directional signage is used to show people direction. Directional signs are essentially created to show people where to go when they need to find a specific facility, room or office. With the help of arrows, and the names of such facilities and rooms beside these arrows, people can find their way around and get to where they want to go even when they have no one to ask for directions.

How these signs help individuals vary from case to case, and from one user to another. Most people think that these signs are ideal for those who have no one to ask directions from, as mentioned earlier, but in reality, these signs actually serve a wide plethora of people and for many different reasons. Want to know how these signs help the many people who use them? Here are some examples.

Directional Sign
Directional Sign

People and Situations That Get Help from Directional Signage

Not every person who uses these signs is one who has no one to ask directions from. Most of these signs are actually used in buildings and establishments that actually have quite a lot of people in them, so more often than not, if the person needs to ask for directions, they can actually tap someone on the shoulder and simply ask. Some of the people who use these architectural signs are listed below along with a number of situations that also make the presence of these signs quite useful:

Shy people – people who cannot gather the courage to ask others for directions, and would essentially be lost if they cannot ask anyone where they should go, can find their way around with the help of well designed and well thought out directional signs. They won’t need to ask anyone for directions, so they won’t have to muster up the guts to actually ask anyone to show them where to go. Since some people actually suffer from a disorder that is somewhat akin to shyness (but is not really shyness), these signs are actually a blessing to them since such individuals do not really have any control over their fear of social settings or the need to talk to other people, even if it is to only ask for directions.

Individuals with speech and hearing impediments – not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to speak clearly or to hear what other people say accurately. People who suffer from speech as well as hearing impediments can actually benefit from these directional signs because they won’t have to struggle with understanding what people are saying or even asking about certain rooms and facilities that they need to get to. With directional signs that are made real well, these individuals can easily find what they are looking for without having to go through the sometimes difficult process of trying to understand what other people say, and getting people to understand what they are trying to say.

People who know where they are going but simply want to confirm – you may already know where you are going in a building, however there will be times when you will find yourself somewhat confused and lost due to one reason or another. Being able to capture your bearings and to confirm that you are indeed headed in the right direction can be done with the help of a directional sign. You may find yourself distracted with the sudden ringing of your phone or some other distracting occurrence, and to regain your sense of direction, a quick glance at directional signage can help you get back on track.

People in a hurry and cannot wait to ask information kiosks for help – another type of person who relies on these directional signs are those who are in a rush to get somewhere but cannot wait their turn at asking information from a help desk. When an information kiosk is full of people asking for help or for directions, people who have to rush somewhere usually shy away from these and look for other ways to get to where they want to go. They often resort to using directional signs to find their own way, thereby saving themselves the time it takes to wait their turn to ask their questions.

Airport Directional Signage
Airport Directional Signage


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