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How Much Does a Disney Holiday Actually Cost?

Updated on May 30, 2016

Accommodation options

When it comes to Orlando there is only one place that everyone wants to visit. Disney world of course!

What most people don't often realize though is that you don't need to stay on site at Disney. In fact if you want to save cash then you should avoid this!

So what are my other Orlando accommodation options?

Well it really depends on a few things.....Mainly your budget but also how many of you there are and when you want to visit. The best time to visit Orlando might surprise you. It is in fact September!

Why September? Well for a number of reasons:

  1. September doesn't fall inside any UK school holidays so it won't be as busy.
  2. September is outside the school holidays so it will be cheaper.
  3. It isn't as hot so the heat will be more tolerable.

The downside of course is that if you have kids you might struggle to go at this time.

Where can you stay?

There are only a few viable options to visit Disney world really. A hotel, a villa or apartment, a Disney resort.

1. A hotel. This is often the most popular accommodation in Orlando. There is thousands of them and there is a hotel for every budget!
Be warned though, availability is always limited in high season and in UK school holidays.

2. A villa or apartment. Although a villa is often seen as an expensive option but if your party is large then a villa will be the cheaper option and offers extras like a private pool and separate bedrooms and living space. One thing to consider before you go out and book your villa is that they are often in remote locations and you will need a car.

3. Disney resort. A Disney resort is an expensive option but you do have the advantage of staying on site at Disney. You are in the thick of it all 24/7 and you also usually get extra hours in the parks. Although you pay a premium, don't expect the luxury that goes with the price tag. Staying on site at Disney is expensive for what you get. Accommodation is often small and noisy.

How much does food cost

Like anywhere in the world Orlando and even Disney itself has a massive range of prices. You can spend hundreds of pounds on each meal if you like. Or you can spend £15. It all depends what you want to eat and what you can afford.

Eating at Disney

When visiting the parks most people just opt to eat at Disney. Simply because its much easier and less hassle than leaving the park. Disney has some world class restaurants. Everything you could ever want to eat is available in the Disney parks....But be prepared to pay for it!

Eating outside Disney

Orlando is a great place with a massive array of restaurants and eateries. They have everything from macdonalds to High class eating. Shop around a bit and you can find vouchers and money off ideas to save massive amounts of cash. Its also worth noting that the pizza delivery shops will deliver to any hotel rooms and can be a nice, really cheap option.

Cooking your own food

If your accommodation has cooking facilities then you would be insane to not try at least a couple nights cooking your own food. This could save you a fortune! Get yourself off to wall mart and pick up some ingredients, but don't forget you don't have a deep freeze so everything needs to be fresh.

Theme park costs

There is no getting away from this, Disney is gonna cost you! And its probably going to be your biggest expense.

Its probably going to cost you over £300 each to get in Disney. Sounds expensive doesn't it? But you actually do get quite good value for this price. You can come and go in and out of any of the disney parks as many times as you like for 14 days. That includes the 4 main theme parks but also the two water parks.

Where is disney?

A markerdisney world -
Disney World Trolley, Bay Lake, FL 32836, USA
get directions

Have you been before?

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