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How Much Postage Do I Need?

Updated on August 17, 2011

If you’re anything like me, you still get a thrill out of walking to your mail box and seeing a letter from a loved one. True, pretty much the entire universe is slowly switching over to email, texting and skyping but you can’t deny the excitement that comes with getting a letter the good old fashioned way – through the post office.

Often times people do want to send letters and packages to their loved ones but because they are so reliant on technology, they are clueless as to how much postage they need for different sizes of packages. That’s where the post office comes in. They have a rather cool system in place that calculates how much postage a person needs to send a letter or package from Point A to Point B. The computer savvy mailers can use the Postage Price Calculator provided by the United States Postal Service at to calculate both domestic and international postage rates.

If the question running through your mind as you prepare to send off a letter or package to a loved one is “How much postage do I need”? You can check the USPS website or rely on my quick cheat sheet which is simply this – at the time of writing this article:

  • · Postage for a regular letter is forty-four cents (when buying stamps, always purchase the FOREVER stamps to cover yourself in case of postage price increase)
  • · Postage for post cards is twenty-nine cents
  • · Flat rate service – that is postage for items 70 pounds or less- runs anywhere from $4.50 to $18.30

Determining how much postage you need shouldn’t be a daunting and overwhelming task at all. All the information you need regarding the current postage rates and news is available with a few mouse clicks on the USPS website and in case you are not too comfortable navigating their website, simply walk into your local post office and let a friendly postal office clerk assist you.


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