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How Powerful is Hungary?

Updated on September 20, 2015
Hungary is located in central south eastern Europe bordered by the following countries. (See in picture)
Hungary is located in central south eastern Europe bordered by the following countries. (See in picture)

Migrant crisis in Hungary

In September 2015, Hungary saw over 6,000 refugees enter it's country in 1 day before closing the border, to combat the refugee issue in Hungary many officials have resulted in closing to border with neighbouring countries, transporting migrants and forcing them upon countries like Croatia or using tear gas to deter the migrants from entering the country, as this central European country is struggling to keep up with the incoming wave.

Just how powerful is Hungary?

The former soviet occupied territory is relatively small at around 35,000 sq miles about the same size as the US state of Maine. Hungary is considerably smaller than it used to be; after world war one the state of Austria-Hungary was split into two meaning Hungary lost most of its land. For most of the cold war Hungary was occupied by Soviet Forces until the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union despite this Hungary was never part of the USSR.

Transformation from Communism to a Market Economy

Hungary transferred to a market economy just after the fall of the USSR however growth was slow throughout the country as they had piled up a lot of international debt. Long lasting austerity measures helped Hungary to overcome this issue but the 2008 financial crisis forced the country back in to economic turmoil.

Today Hungary sees a slow recovery and a GDP of $133 billion with 1.5% growth annually. The governments interference into Hungary's financial system has caused growing distrust between the people of Hungary and the EU.

Hungary is one of the few EU members to not use the euro.

Organisations Hungary is part of

Hungary is part of the OEDC, WTO and the EU just to name a few.

Overview on Hungary's economy

Hungary's economy is primarily based on mining, resources and agriculture. Hungary is one of the biggest paprika producers in the world.

Hungarian Military force
Hungarian Military force
Hungary's key economic partner China.
Hungary's key economic partner China.

Military and Foreign Relations

Hungary's military is roughly 70,000 troops with a military budge of around $1 billion dollars. Hungary ranks around 59th in the world, the country has a small and partially outdated military; however Hungary is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the UN, so this means Hungary has ultimate protection upon them.

Hungary is on friendly terms with most of the ex-soviet/aligned states such as Ukraine, Romania and Slovakia.

Hungary also has great economic relations with China.

Hungary is among one of the most peaceful nations on earth ranked by the Global Peace index.


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