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How To Be A Light Traveler

Updated on May 2, 2008

Have you had any of this happened to you before?

1. Your holiday is almost ruin due to dragging heavy suitcase.

2. 50% of your holiday clothes are left untouched during your holiday.

3. You ask yourself why you bother to pack 2 large suitcases when in fact you only wear 25% of the clothes.

4. Because of this, you come home with 2 extra suitcases (for the stuff you buy of course!)

Well, I've had the above happened to me before but not to that extreme. How I wish many a times I will pack less stuff so that I will have enough space to keep my souvenir and I don't have to drag a large suitcase at the beginning of my holiday.

As the year goes by, I've had more than enough chances on experimenting with light luggage. Here I would like to share my tips on how to travel light.

1. The first important thing is to get hold of your itinerary and analyze it thoroughly.

2. Next, take a piece of paper and write down everything that you plan to bring on the trip. I mean EVERYTHING THAT YOU REALLY WANT TO BRING.

3. Job well done. I bet the list is long eh?

4. Let the list rest for a day or two.

5. I want you to take a look at the list again and cross out anything that you think is NOT NEEDED FOR THE TRIP.

When you're thinking about WHAT YOU DON'T NEED TO BRING always have these in your mind.

1. You can buy clothes at your holiday destination and wear it on the go. It's more fun right?

2. If you're traveling with family and friends, always think what you can share. E.g. shampoo, belt, and even shoes!

3. You can bring your old clothes (like old pajamas, socks) wear it there and throw it there once and for all. You'll have extra space for souvenir.

4. You can always opt for wearing the same clothes a few times. Of course you can inquire the hotel for laundry service or you can even do it yourself right from the hotel room's bathroom. I've done it before and it's like a secret adventure.

With all the above in mind, I bet your luggage is lot lighter now than before right?


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