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How To Find A Bargain Deals On Hotel Rooms

Updated on April 28, 2011

Save Money On Hotel Rooms

We love to travel and explore places with our kids whenever we can. It is a great way for them learn new places and appreciate things that they have not seen. Each year, we always take a long vacation and several mini vacations. We have been able to do that because we have never actually paid for a full price of the hotel rooms we stay in. Sometimes, we even pay just a little more than half of what other guests pay for the same exact room. All that is possible because we only use online travel sites to book our hotel rooms without talking to travel agents or hotel reservation desks.

The first step is to figure out the area you prefer to stay at your destination so you can search for hotels around that area and have an idea of what the rate is. You can do your search at Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak... Sometimes, you have to be a little flexible on the location in order to get that great bargain hotel deal. You can learn more about the areas and the hotels at because they have a lot of unbiased feedback from real travelers. There is a misconception that cheap hotels are in not so good locations. It is true to a certain extent. There are some motels and small private owned hotels located in a not so good area. However, we are talking about staying in a 3, 4-star brand-name hotels or resorts like Marriott, Omni, Doubletree, Holidays Inn, Homewood, Radisson...

The next step is to visit Hotwire and Priceline sites. These two travel sites will help you save money on hotel rooms much better than others. It will take a little time and effort but it is really worth the saving. Hotwire will not disclose the name, street address, phone number of the hotel you will get until after you book it. However, you will know before hand the area the hotel is located, local landmarks and attractions found nearby and its rating. We guess that those big hotels do not want to advertise the low rate about their vacancy publicly to protect their "name" or something like that. We guess that is how Hotwire can give these great deals. Don't worry, after you book it, you will immediately learn the hotel's complete details, including its name, location, and phone number. On the other hand, Priceline can give you a much better deal sometimes and in fact, it is more fun to book there since you actually negotiate the price per say. You can just book your room in a normal way like many other travel sites with a little saving or you can "name your own price" with a lot more saving. Similar to Hotwire, you will have the opportunity to choose the area and the hotel rating before you name a price for that hotel. They will not disclose the name of the hotel and its location. It takes only few seconds for you to know if your offer is accepted or rejected. If it is rejected, you can go on select other areas and/or hotel rating, adjust the price and make another offer.

One important note, you must pre-register with these sites including your credit card information. So once your offer is accepted, they withdraw fund from your card to pay for the room. We advise that you must check, read thoroughly before submitting an offer as there is no cancellation allowed. You will learn and get more clever on your search as you do it couple times. Now, you can enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank.


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