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How To Get The Best Value In Ski Package Holidays

Updated on August 29, 2016

It is easy to use the Net to find good bargains but didn’t you know you can also use the Internet to boost your enjoyment of your ski vacation? Use the Internet and your mobile phone’s GPS feature to find fun attractions and areas of interest near the resort you’re staying. Don’t restrict your fun to the ski lodge and resort-get a little local color and experience the local culture. What most ski vacationers don’t understand is that they can get a lot more from their skiing holiday if they explored the surrounding locale. Most skiers already know of Aspen Colorado or Vale Colorado, these towns give a lot of color and added vacation value to skiers that frequent nearby resorts. Don’t miss out on the local attractions and all the enjoyment they can add to your skiing holiday. This quick guide helps you use the Internet or smartphone apps to find all the information you need to make your ski vacations more enjoyable and fun by exploring nearby locales and attractions.

Little Nell Aspen

Ski resorts and lodges don’t exist in a vacuum. There is usually a town or city located nearby. To get a full experience skiing at a particular resort or lodge, explore the nearby town or city-you just might be in for some amazing fun times. Explore the local history and folklore ski towns offer. If you are skiing in the Southwest and West, your resort might be located near a historic ghost town or gold mining town. Spice up your skiing holiday by soaking up some of the local history by appreciating local towns and cities.

Val D'Isere

Many lodges and resorts are located near cities and towns that have local festivals. Winter festivals, Christmas parades, Thanksgiving parades, fall harvest festivals, and other events are common local festivals. Soak up the local color and culture by attending these local festivals. They sure make for great photos and definitely complement your usual photos of fun on the slopes. Another great advantage to checking out local events is that they allow you to get an appreciation for the diversity of outdoor events of different ski towns. Regardless of where you go in the world, there are local towns nearby and they offer their own unique cultural view. Make your skiing holiday a cultural trip as well, visit local towns and cities’ events.

Val Thorens

While many ski lodges and resorts offer decent meals, if you really want to live it up during your next skiing holiday, explore local restaurants. Totally experience the local tastes of the ski town your are visiting by enjoying a meal at the town’s main restaurant. Order popular local dishes. Talk about getting a full taste of the local scene! If you think finding local restaurants to sample will be a problem, guess again. The names and locations of the best local restaurants may be as close as your smartphone. There are many apps available that identify nearby dining spots. Some apps even have reviews that go with driving instructions. Make your skiing holiday extra memorable by trying out some of the local flavor area restaurants and diners offer.


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