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Philippines: Boracay by landtrip

Updated on June 3, 2015

The Fascinating Beauty Of the Beach

I was staring at the clear blue sea, so nice
I was staring at the clear blue sea, so nice | Source

My First Time To Travel In Bora

My first time to travel in bora was so amazing and tiring but fun with lots of newly met friends on the road.

I took the land trip via RORO bus ferry from Batangas - Mindoro - Caticlan. It was the cheapest way to Boracay for me and I think that would be the cheapest for you too if you have ample time to spare or explore the other places of the Philippines.

I travelled alone, my friend invited me to visit the place and I did not refuse because the lodge and food were free so I did not have to worry when I reached there.

Anyway, I went to Philtranco in Pasay City to buy the ticket for Caticlan. The boarding time was during lunch time and I paid almost P800 for the bus.

The fares were listed below:

Manila - Roxas P650

Roxas - Caticlan P313

Caticlan port - Bora P150

Tricycle from Cagban Jetty Port - Front beach P150 (special trip)

Inside The Bus

It was like an ordinary bus together with other passengers who were set to go to their provinces. The travel time to Batangas was 3 hours then RORO to Calapan Mindoro another 3 hours. The bus went straight from Calapan to port Roxas for about 3 hours and then to Caticlan port for another 4 hours. The waiting time like checking the tickets or parking the bus was not included.

I was not aware about RORO so I kept on asking my seatmate about it and she explained it to me. My seatmate has friends on board. They were group single ladies of about 4 in all. They asked me to join their company to accompany me inside the ship since I was traveling alone.

Philtranco bus

Bus Trip
Bus Trip | Source

Inside The Ship

After the land trip, I was amazed with the boat, I mean, the barge carrying our bus and other vehicles inside to transfer us to our destination. All the passengers have moved out from the bus to relax inside the ship and used the facilities like the air-conditioned waiting area with cable tv and cr, while the other passengers stayed outside to feel the sea breeze and views.

You can explore the ship too if you don't mind the waves and take pictures of the views and nature. I always have seasickness every time I travel that's why I stayed inside the ship to watch tv and relax together with my new friends. I already forgot about Bora.

At night, I couldn't sleep, because of the waves I had headache. So, when we traveled land trip again I just slept and did not mind people around me anymore, until we reached Caticlan port. I asked the collector to drop me off to the Caticlan port so he reminded me the moment we arrived there.

As I walked in the port, it was already early in the morning, I think around 5am. I waited awhile for the registration personnel to arrive in the information desk where they collect fees, fare and environmental donations.

I did ride the pump boat together with other tourist going to Bora Island and it took 15 minutes only. There are tricycles waiting at the port to bring you to the paradise front beach.

I was exhausted that time but as I witnessed the fascinating beauty of the white sand and blue ocean, I got excited and forgot the jet lag hahaha...


The vehicles going inside the ship
The vehicles going inside the ship | Source
The passengers relaxing inside
The passengers relaxing inside | Source


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao Travels 4 years ago from Philippines

      thanks for dropping by :)

    • Riviera Rose profile image

      Riviera Rose 4 years ago from South of France

      I went to Borocay years ago (by sea) and loved it - what a beautiful place. I do miss being able to travel around Asia. One day...!