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Finding Air Fare Specials: Saving Money On Air Travel

Updated on January 20, 2011 a great way to save money

Air fare specials are becoming more and more popular. Travelers are always looking for ways to save money on their air fares. If you are planning a special family vacation to Disney Land then you should be looking for ways to save money on your trip. Saving money will allow you to upgrade your hotel or spend a few more days on your trip.

There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to "name your price" on your tickets. The biggest question here is do they really save you money. The best way to save money on anything is comparison shopping. Saving money on air fares is quite easy with

With Air Fare Watchdog you get the ability to search all the top travel sites from one. Airfare watchdog uses last minute sites like Bing Travel. These sites might just be what your looking for with some flights priced as low as $20 for one way. I just did a quick search for a flight from Rochester, New York to Charlotte, North Carolina. Using Bing the cost was $93 one way. With airfarewatchdog you can search other sites like Orbitz or Expedia with an easy click.

When you start comparing different travel websites you begin to realize the amount of money that you will be saving. After all there is nothing like saving money. If your like me, saving money is the same as making money. So, this could also be considered the start of your online money making career. Just imagine being able to go from New York City to Orlando for $82 one way. How much will that leave in your vacation budget?

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