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How To Select London Hotels in the City

Updated on July 11, 2013

London Hotels and Places

London is one of the biggest metropolises of world with millions of tourists thronging to its coasts each year. To accommodate such a vast number of visitors, the city has plentiful accommodation options. However, there are so many accommodation options that they will simply stagger your imaginations.

Precisely for this reason, to select a hotel in London, what you need is a better understanding of your requirements and your preferences in the city. Usually, visitors are guided by these specifics, as they steer their way on a search for London hotels:

A markerbuckingham palace -
Buckingham Palace, London, Greater London SW1A 1AA, UK
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Hotels Near Attractions

Travellers are driven to this city for a glance at its larger than life attractions, expanding on a time space that touches the bringing of English culture to the contemporary . With an eye for this fascination in the city, visitors choose to browse hotels that edge really proximate to the iconic history holding structures like the Big Ben, Houses of parliament, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, London Dungeon, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Tate Modern and several others. Focus your search of hotels around a particular attraction, that you aspire to view all through your vacation. And you will land up at choicest of hotels near Buckingham Palace.

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Hotels Near Events

Very often people choose to travel to London, to be a part of its famous events, that generate a spirit of life in people. It will be very obvious and important to find hotels near London events, like something for the Royal wedding?

Besides, events which can be a reason behind your visit would be London Marathon, St George’s Day, Chelsea Flower Show, Trooping the Colours, Pride London Festival, Great Beer Festival, Spirit of Christmas Fair, or the most anticipated Olympics 2012. So start finding a few London hotels close to the events in your list of London things to do. What booking a hotel next to London events is, it makes it a feasible option to walk down your hotel steps, and be a part of celebrations at the event.

Looking in The Right area?

One major consideration is of course the area. You need to be specific of the area where you want to spend your vacations. So find out some famous areas of London, featured with most exotic views and things to, and engage your vacations in. Such brilliantly equipped areas are also rich in the number of accommodations they possess. You are sure to reach at your most suitably designed London hotels, able to take care of all your requirements. Most important support you need is of a guide, that leads you to this collection of hotels in London’s most popular destinations.

Peak Health Club and Spa at Jumeirah Carlton
Peak Health Club and Spa at Jumeirah Carlton

Spa Hotels

Hotels in London keep pushing up the standards of world class luxuries, with their new and exquisite amenities and features. If you want to taste the pleasure of being in your grand space, studded with all the leisures you can think of, it is time to turn to the spa hotels in London. Bringing you utter relaxation with their touch of massage and beauty treatments, you will get a radiating glow on your face, telling people that you are just out of the heaven! This shows you how important it is to pick a hotel with a true understanding of its features.

Other Options

London has a lot of hotels, with varying facilities and star ratings. And between all the extravagant five stars and four stars, there are some vibrant bed and breakfast hotels and cottages, that are equally loved and adhered to by the travellers. While there are so many options in the city, here is a guide to tell you some best and a few worst of the various accommodations:

Bed and Breakfast Hotel
Bed and Breakfast Hotel

Bed and Breakfast in London

Bed and breakfast in London have the feature of being the least serving accommodations, where one has to satisfy with very basic facilities in the room, and an early morning breakfast. But there are features that make this lodging special too.

Bed and breakfast are a great support if you are moving to the expensive city of London, with a meagre amount. They make it easier to have for the travellers to support their vacation with the basics, while they can go and enjoy a repast at affordable eating corners, they have a decent place to bed.

Apartments in London

Apartments in London offer facilities that too under comfortable budget. So if you are here for say a month or so, then apartment is just the place which will fit into your pocket, and allow you a decent and independent living with kitchenette and its appliances.

Apartments don’t have immensely drawn row of luxuries and facilities. But they do have a homely appeal, that can be your lodging while you away from home. So it is an option to depend on, if you are planning a long vacation in London.

5 Star Hotels in London
5 Star Hotels in London

Star Rated Hotels

Star rated hotels in London are pleasure hubs, where you will find the best existing luxuries, constantly challenging the previously established standards of perfection. Finding a true vacation among these hotels can bring a memorable time for the travellers.

These star rated hotels have the most exuberant ambiance, with the most vivacious features like the in hotel spa, sauna bath, multi cuisine restaurants, bars and clubs, in room mini bars, complete health clubs, terrace gardens, party and conference venues, women special facilities to children care facilities that relax the vacation.

Secret Hotels London

Secret hotels in London can be booked without planning for a particular lodging. Book a hotel according to the location and detailing, and surprise yourself with an unexpected lodging.

Secret hotels give you a chance to surprise yourself with luxury hotel deals at relatively cheaper rates. A very fine deal that has something as a secret underneath.

London is truly a visitor's delight and these accommodation options allow visitors to explore the riches of the city without stressing about putting up in the city.


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