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How about a Weekend at the Spa; The Canyon Ranch Spa

Updated on September 24, 2010
Photo: Miami New Times
Photo: Miami New Times

Feeling like you need to get rid of some of that angst? Need a break from the rat race, or just want to be pampered with a little TLC. You can find the perfect get away, with enough pampering to make you feel like royalty, at the Canyon Ranch Spa.

Andrea Breznay, publisher of Neapolitan Family Magazine gave amazing details of the incredible weekend she spent with her daughter at the Canyon Ranch Spa in Miami, in her article: “Spa Weekend, You Know You Deserve It.” In Breznay’s account there is a description of the incredible suites that are offered at the Canyon Ranch Spa, as well as how easy it is to check into this amazing resort.

In her article Breznay says the following: “From the moment we pull up to Canyon Ranch to the moment we get back in our car to leave we feel pampered, cared for and relaxed” “Check in is a breeze and we receive a messenger bag, water bottle and key cards that hold the code to getting into the various facilities. Our room is gorgeous; it’s actually a suite with living room, small kitchenette and large bedroom with two queen beds. The bathroom is perfect and includes a deep soaking tub, glass walled shower, make up vanity and double sink. Both the bedroom and living room have large plasma TV’s mounted on the wall and huge windows with ocean views. The kitchen is stocked with teas.”

This is definitely the kind of suite anyone would love to spend some time in. I checked the price list and it is real bargain considering all the luxuries one gets to enjoy; not to mention royal treatment from the moment you walk in until your time of departure. The prices for suites are as follows: Regular one bedroom suites start at $250.00, one bedroom suites with ocean view begin at $450.00 and two bedroom suites start at $800.00. Included are the following amenities:

· A beautiful 750 foot pristine beach

· 40 plus complementary fitness classes

· full access to the 70,000 square foot wellness spa and fitness center

· Complementary use of Aquavana thermal suite, & spectacular array of healing waters

· experiential cabins and soaking tubs exclusive to Canyon Ranch

· Wellness presentations with Canyon Ranch experts

· Serene full service saloon

· Beach amenities: chair, umbrella, towel and beach attendant.

· Warm personal attention from a caring staff

With such luxurious rooms and so many fantastic amenities a weekend fit for a king, or should I say queens awaited Andrea and her daughter. Breznay choose the Dead Sea body treatment with a marine facial and describes the treatment in the following way: “All treatments at Canyon Ranch follow the same routine: you change into a comfy robe and slippers in the dressing area and then wait in the relaxation lounge. The area is quiet with soft music and lighting fresh fruit and tea.” “I follow my esthetician through a maze of hallways to a little niche where she asks me to choose a chakra pebble which is suppose to be setting the intention for the treatment—a corny touch but sweet. Once I’m relaxed in the treatment room she explains the products she will be using and gets to work.”

The next step is Aquavana, this builds upon the relaxation experience all ready begun at the facial. Aquavana is based upon the principles that contrasting temperatures move the blood and lymph from one part of the body to another. This process causes the tissues to irrigate and become originated this in terms brings about drainage of toxins from the body.

There are several Aquavana experiences one can choose from one is a crystal steam room with scented steam and refracted color light; in experiential rains with three different storm shower experiences. Another Aquavana experience is the herbal laconium which is a warm ceramic room with heated seating niches where you relax your muscles in warm gentle humidity; yes even the humidity is put to positive use in this wonderful place. Then there the Aquavana igloo experience in which cool air and three different herbs (menthol, mint and eucalyptus) flow down from jets in the ceiling. The cool wet air lowers your body temperature and clears the sinuses making it an incredibly invigorating experience.

To make sure the patrons are fully relaxed they get to lie on thermal heated loungers. These expertly crafted lounge chairs are countered to hold the body comfortably and restore your body to its optimal temperature.

Video YouTube by Ecoxe

Video YouTube by Reesbook

Canyon ranch also offer various exercise classes and an incredible gym that fully equipped with the most innovated equipment and a trainer on hand to answer any inquiries one may have. The treadmills and ellipticals face the ocean so that there is never a dull moment and the drudgery that is often associated with most workouts becomes a thing of the past as one enjoys a view of the ocean while getting in shape. The gymnasium also offers:

  • Stationary bikes
  • Technogym weight and cardio machines
  • Free weights
  • Stair machines
  • Expresso bikes

The Canyon Ranch Spa also includes what is known as exercise physiologist. So no matter what your goal is,  you will get a consultation with a certified expert, who has a master degree in their field. The topics that you will be covered with the exercise physiologist are the following:

  • Getting started with movement and exercise
  • Fine tuning your fitness program
  • Agility and balance evaluation and training
  • Building a stronger back
  • Exercise programs for sore joints and other limitations
  • Exercise for weight loss and body definition

So regardless of your fitness goals and individual needs there is a program tailored to your needs.

The amenities at Canyon Ranch Spa also include three pools. Around the pools is an attentive staff that provides the patrons with towels and takes orders for drinks. The Spa also offers three dining options: Canyon Ranch Grill, Carillon Café and the Cabana for poolside dining. The menu offers a wide selection of healthy cuisine. The breakfast menu includes the following:

  • Granola with Greek style yogurt and berries
  • Alpine Muesli ( a blend of oat, apples, berries, yogurt and almonds)
  • Superfood Cereal (Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, walnuts, golden flaxseeds and blueberries)
  • New Yorker (smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion, capers, sprouted-hemp bagel)
  • Steel cut oatmeal with blue berries and maple syrup
  • The continental ( Greek style yogurt, fresh fruit and a choice of toast, muffin or breakfast bread)
  • Power Smoothie (pineapple, banana, strawberry, yogurt with whey protein powered.)
  • They also serve Organic eggs, which are served in the following ways: Poached eggs Benedict, Omelets, All American and Sweet Potato Hash.
  • You also get can choose among a variety of whole wheat pancakes, fresh berry pancakes, banana pancakes, or traditional French toast or cranberry walnut French toast.
  • Enjoy your breakfast with a side of Greek yogurt, ground flax seeds, breakfast potatoes, side egg, homemade chicken sausage patty and gluten free toast with butter and homemade preserves are among their many healthy and tasty sides.

The lunch menu offers the following:

  • Starters include local heirloom tomatoes, mixed green salad, classic Caesar salad, roasted tomato gazpacho, soup of the day, baked artichoke fries, and corn bread.
  • Entrees include seared salmon salad, chicken Cobb salad, Churrasco, chicken tenders, oven roasted vegetable, fresh pasta with Rapini and Italian chicken sausage, omelet of the day and hearth fried whole wheat Margarita Pizza.
  • The sandwich menu includes the Monte Cristo, Turkey Ruben, wild mushroom burger, and BLT.
  • The menu also includes some express lunch items for those on the go.

The Dinner menu offers the following:

  • Hanging shrimp, Poblano pepper with shrimp and goat cheese, Lamb Tataki, Avacado Tartare, roasted tomato gazpacho, and Hearth friend vegetable Papparadelle.

The dining philosophy at the Canyon Ranch Spa is the following: “Canyon Ranch offers nourishing cuisine filled with bright, focused and vibrant flavors, visual appeal and enticing aromas and superior nutritional value. Our unique food experiences feature clean, wholesome, seasonal and fresh ingredients with emphasis on local, organic and sustainable farming and fishing methods.”

Portion control is paramount at Canyon Ranch restaurants and you quickly realize how much you are supposed to be eating. You learn to take your time eating your meals and eat in the correct amounts. Not too much and not to fast is the key to healthy eating habits.

At Canyon Ranch Spa everything you need is close at hand and this allows the patrons to enjoy a stress free stay in which they can focus on themselves. Morning begin with long walks along a pristine beach while watching the sunrise.

For those who want to treat their sore muscles to a soothing massage there are several spa treatment packages to choose from. Two of the packages offer the following:

  • For $275.00 you can get what is known as the Canyon Ranch Refresh. This treatment last 4-6 hours and you can choose any of the following massages.
  • Canyon Ranch massage
  • Authentic Aromatherapy massage
  • Abhyanga massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Ashiatsu
  • Shiatsu
  • Prenatal massage

For $450.00 you can get the Canyon Ranch Royal which includes a massage and facial. This treatment last 6-8 hours and you can choose one of the massages listed above, as well as one of the following facials:

  • Transformation facial
  • Deep cleaning facial
  • Marine facial
  • Gentleman’s facial (yes men this is not only for the ladies)

There are massages and facials to suit everybody and every skin issue, a perfect way to enjoy a healthy all over body experience. So treat yourself to one of the fabulous massage packages during your stay at this fabulous world class spa.

Even though there are no panaceas to make one's troubles go away, you can at least take a break and get away from the grind and the day to day hassles. Why not treat yourself and the ones you love right and enjoy a weekend of pampering, a view that is a feast for the eyes, healthy fine dining, total body rejuvenation, that makes for a better outlook on life, which is all part of the Canyon Ranch Spa experience.


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    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thank you Dr. Irum,

      I was very impressed when I read about this place in a local periodical, I wish I could go there sometime. I owe the visuals to the internet. I'm glad you liked it.

    • Dr irum profile image

      Dr irum 

      7 years ago

      Really nice post with great visuals .

    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thank you Astra Nomik, I hope you enjoy yourself when you go there. I'm glad you liked my article, thanks for your kind words.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 

      7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Wow, I want to go there straight away. I even though I am back from a holiday in Toulon in France, this sounds magnificent. This is very well researched and enjoyed reading. The Canyon Ranch Spa sounds divine. :)


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