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Why am I bringing only 20,000 pocket money for my Japan trip

Updated on August 23, 2015

Can I survive Japan with only 20,000 pesos (Jpy 52,410 or Usd 429)?

Visiting Japan has always been part of my bucket list.

When I got married last March this year, my husband and I knew that it was the perfect destination for our honeymoon. Both of us wanted to see the country where our favorite animations were created and stuff our faces with ramen. :D Personally, I would just like to experience its unique culture. So months before the wedding, I bought tickets to (via Cebu Pacific) and from (via Jetstar) the Land of the Rising Sun both from budget airlines and planned that our pocket money will come from what the wedding guests will give to us.

Our guests were very very generous and we had more than enough to visit Japan. Everything was going as planned. Until I lost everything.

June came, one month to go before the booked flight, I asked my mom for help regarding the Japan visa application. I needed a bank account with an impressive amount of money for the Japan Embassy to grant me a Visa. Long story short, we had a very bad fight and it ended with me getting kicked out from where my husband and I were residing (it was my mom’s old house) and me getting indirectly fired from work (because I got money while I was helping out with the family business).

We moved to Christian’s old house with his parents and siblings and I am now living in a 12 sq meter room with nothing to be proud of. Much of what we got from the wedding were paid to the suppliers and to the loans. A few pesos were left but were slowly used up because we weren’t able to save for such kind of emergency. In short, we have so little left for Japan, only the tickets to and from the country.

Am I going to Japan or not?

Depression starts to set in. My ego, pride, sanity are in Ground Zero and I had nothing else to do but to apply for jobs, cry, pray, repeat. I prayed fervently for Japan, because for me who has lost everything, Japan will be the light at the end of the tunnel, my remaining light in the middle of a long night.

I was at the point of thinking how to convince others to buy our tickets but I thank God for my husband because if not for him, I will be taking medications now for depression. He didn’t give up when I was about to. Needless to say, after a few weeks time, thanks to my husband’s efforts, we managed to secure visas and reserve lodging. He wanted to us go. For me, it was a miracle.

Thank you God.

This light however is expensive and is not easy to reach. Yes we have tickets, visas and reserved lodging but we need to have a budget, even a small one, to get us through the week. You see, my husband has his source but I have none. Even if we are “one” now, I do not want to be a free-loader. From writing online articles and from the gift of one of my godmothers promised, I will have 20,000 pesos before my husband and I leave for Japan. That is all I have and that is all I plan to spend for my journey of enlightenment in Japan.

This is the history behind the 20,000 (pesos) Japan Challenge.

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