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How to Combine Traveling and Working: My Personal Experience

Updated on December 8, 2016
Being a workaholic takes much time and effort
Being a workaholic takes much time and effort

We live in a busy world, where people are always in a hurry and have to work days and nights to become successful and reach their goals. I’m not an exception! I have my own blog devoted to web development. As you may understand, I have to work really hard to improve my web design skills and provide the users, who visit my blog, with up-to-date and valuable information they might need to complete their web design projects.

I consider myself a workaholic, but I should admit that web development is not the only thing I’m interested in. There is one more hobby I’m crazy about. This hobby is traveling and, to tell the truth, I’ve already been to many countries of the world. During the previous year, I travelled to New York, Israel, Canada and Australia. I have also spent three months in Europe, enjoying the highlights of European countries. Do you think that it is impossible to combine traveling and working? As you see, this is possible! I manage to combine my work and my hobby, because the global network is available across the world these days. So, it’s not a problem for me to cope with my job tasks while traveling. My business doesn’t suffer at all and I get fantastic emotions and lifetime memories from my trips. Can there be anything better than that? For those of you, who are looking for such an opportunity as well, I’m eager to share some of my secrets now!

To successfully combine traveling and working, you have to learn two important things:

  • how to plan your everyday life
  • how to plan your job tasks

Let’s discuss these issues below.

It is possible to combine traveling and working
It is possible to combine traveling and working

How to Plan Your Everyday Life

It goes without saying that to be able to travel a lot, you should organize and plan your everyday life correspondingly. That’s not easy, of course, but this is still possible, if you really wish to reach this goal.

To start with, you have to learn to spend your money wisely. Traveling is not cheap, of course, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive as well (unless you earn enough to afford that). What’s more, you are bound to have a savings plan of your own – the one you should use to travel a lot. Of course, if you are crazy about versatile brands and spend thousands of bucks shopping for trendy accessories, clothes, kitchenware, furniture and what not, you won’t be able to save money to travel. Everyone should have priorities in life. So, it is up to you to make your choice.

Secondly, you should remember that you are not only traveling, you are working at the same time. So, plan you time wisely and remember that you are not on a vacation. When you combine these activities, you are bound to devote some time every day to your job assignments. Fortunately, the Internet is not a problem nowadays. The idea is to have nice time abroad (just like you have weekends at home) and to work at the same time. This is not that difficult, believe me! Just try doing that once and make sure yourself!

Getting ready to each travel in advance is a must to keep your business running
Getting ready to each travel in advance is a must to keep your business running

Finally, you should get ready for each travel in advance. It may take some time to get your travel insurance (don’t underestimate the importance of this issue!), set up your phone-fax coordination (if necessary), settle financial issues, make your family and business partners aware that you may be offline from time to time and discuss the available options, handle mobile phone and Internet-related issues to have them at hand when necessary.

There are also cultural issues you have to be aware of prior to traveling somewhere. If this is your first try, these nuances may impress you a lot, so, you have to be ready to face them as well. I’ll share some of these issues so that you could know what to expect. In some countries, for example, shops work till 5 or 6 p.m. on weekdays and are closed on Sundays. So, you have to plan your purchases in advance. Medications are also not available without a prescription in some countries, so, it makes sense to bring those you may need along. If your work is somehow connected with the Internet (I’m sure, it is!), you should know that free Wi-Fi spots are not available in many European countries. You have to visit a café and place and order there to be able to launch to Wi-Fi, for example. Take your time to explore other options prior to traveling to this or that country.

Plan your job tasks and get helpers to make your traveling experience a success
Plan your job tasks and get helpers to make your traveling experience a success

How to Plan Your Job Tasks

It is not always possible to plan all your job tasks in advance, because there are lots of unpredictable situations you may face out of a sudden. This means that you should have a partner or a colleague, who will be able to get in touch with you in case of necessity. If you work in the office, this is not a problem, but if you work individually, you should try to solve the problem prior to traveling somewhere. Anyway, you will have to spend much more time to handle your job-related problems, if you don’t have a reliable helper!

It is not a secret that each industry has the busiest seasons. Obviously, it doesn’t make any sense to travel somewhere during the “hot” season. Instead, choose the less busy season to book a trip. This will prevent the unwanted job problems and you won’t feel stressed because of the projects that are waiting for you out there.

Finally, I don’t recommend posting your photos and videos in social networks while traveling. Your job partners or clients may think that you are just having fun and don’t work at all. This may negatively affect your business. A better decision is to post some photos afterwards if you really wish to do that.

Combination of traveling and working may result in fantastic experience!
Combination of traveling and working may result in fantastic experience!

Bottom Line

I don’t say that traveling and working at the same time is easy. There are problems you can encounter from time to time and you have to be ready to such situations. What’s more, I believe that this option is a nice choice for those people, who don’t have families, bills to be paid regularly and other everyday tasks to be handled on time. It is a nice opportunity for young people and freelancers to travel the world without breaking their working schedules. So, if you really dream of combining these activities, you are welcome to do that and you won’t regret the result!


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