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How to Enjoy Air Travel

Updated on August 14, 2012

TO VISIT and discover those beautiful places in the Philippines and in other countries, flying is a necessity. Those far away tourist spots can be reached by flying in just a couple of hours instead of days traveling by land or sea.

As flying is now part of the experience in discovering new places, it is necessary that we enjoy that span of time on air. Flying should be pleasant, convenient and comfortable. It should also be budget friendly and safe to further encourage travelers of patronizing airlines.

Here are some tips that may help to make air travel a pleasant experience.

1) Research and gather as much relevant information regarding your flight and the destination. Information is a powerful tool to properly plan for your air travel. With pertinent information, you can align your budget, time, and prepare all required documents and be ready for any contingencies. Check out brochures, manuals and preferably get data online.

2) After knowing the details of your flight and destination, you then have a very good idea of how much cash and the type and number of clothes that should be brought in your trip. It is always best to travel as light as possible.

3) Book your flight as early as possible. With much time, you can correct any discrepancy in your airline ticket and your identification card. The name appearing in the ticket and your ID should be the same and identical without typographical error. Otherwise you may get delayed or worse, miss your flight.

4) By booking early, there is a great chance you can make arrangements in case you have special needs during the flight. If you are on medication on a regular basis, do not forget your medicines including the doctor’s prescription for purposes of inspection.

5) Make sure that all needed documents for air travel are properly arranged and secured at least a night before your flight specially during trips overseas. You should have at least a valid government issued Identification Card during your voyage. Do not forget your passport and visa, if necessary.

6) Just bring enough cash. If you need to bring more than the allowable amount of cash or foreign money make sure to comply with all the needed clearances and requirements.

7) Bring only those electronic gadgets that are light and easy to carry. If an Ipad is already enough for your needs during the trip, consider not carrying a laptop.

8) Have a good night sleep. It is best that you are well rested and be both physically and mentally prepared for the flight.

9) Do not eat too much to avoid indigestion.

10) Wear comfortable clothes unless you are to attend a business meeting immediately upon arrival at your destination.

11) Be at the airport at least two (2) hours before departure. This is standard procedure. By being in early in the airport, there is enough time to conduct routine processes.

12) “Bomb Jokes” should always be avoided within the vicinity of the airport and inside the aircraft. Philippine law strictly penalizes anyone who is caught.

13) Obey all procedures in the airport and inside the plane. Turn off those phones and other gadgets when told to do so. Always wear your seatbelt whenever the seatbelt sign is on or when told to do so.

14) Relax by reading or listening to audio books. Try to focus on the plane’s entertainment. Look out the window and enjoy the view. Or simply close your eyes and sleep.

15) Be considerate with other passengers. If you desire a comfortable, pleasant and convenient ride so are the other passengers. Do not forget to flush!

16) Be calm and have a peace of mind. Statistics say that air travel is the safest form of transportation today. Given the latest and advance technology in today’s aircrafts and planes, air travel has never been safer and more convenient than before.

17) Obey all rules and regulations when getting off the plane. There is no need to rush to the exit.

18) And last but definitely not the least, always remember the power of prayers in making your flight safe and the rest of your travel.

As you arrive in your destination, relax and enjoy. Life is too short not to be enjoyed to the fullest.


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