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How To Enjoy Your Vacation In Tokyo

Updated on March 6, 2012

Tokyo Water Front

Tokyo Water Front by hide99
Tokyo Water Front by hide99

How to Enjoy your Vacation in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the world’s great cities, alive with people, activities and energy – a “hustle-and-bustle” metropolis that seems never to slow down, rest or sleep. It’s like that in all great cities, but if you’ve never been to Tokyo before, you need to make the right choices to assure that your stay will be enjoyable and successful.

It starts with the selection of a hotel. As is true for all large cities, there are seemingly countless hotels scattered throughout Tokyo’s many neighborhoods. Choices range from the very modest and inexpensive to the “best of the best” – five star luxury hotels, many of which cater to the tastes of westerners -- Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Tokyo Hotels

Here are three of the very best hotels in all of Tokyo …

·         Mandarin Oriental Tokyo … situated in the heart of Tokyo, this executive-style hotel features large, comfortable rooms … fine dining in a choice of several restaurants … and a “Spa in the Sky” FitnessCenter located 37 floors above the street.  It’s a stunning hotel that caters to American visitors.

·         Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo … part of the Hyatt Hotel Chain, this posh retreat offers guests a full service spa … wireless internet access … a well-equipped business center … a conference room … and a convenient midtown location.

·         Princess Park Tower Hotel Tokyo … let this magnificent hotel complete the triumvirate of special 5-star destinations for your Tokyo vacation. As is true for the other two hotels, there is a spa, internet access, a choice of Japanese and western-style restaurants … and breakfast the way you like it.

Tokyo Night On The Street

Tokyo: Night is still young by millzero
Tokyo: Night is still young by millzero

Tokyo Restaurants

Once you’ve selected a hotel, you’ll want to know about the city’s best destinations for dining. Tokyo has countless restaurants, but the following are three of the very best.

·         Ramentenjiishitadaiki … dine like a true resident at this upscale Japanese noodle restaurant. Noodles and noodle-based dishes are a staple of the Japanese diet. This restaurant raises noodle cuisine to new heights.

·         Ramenmoguya … here is another excellent noodle restaurant with a menu and prices better suited to families with children.

·         Denkiyahoru … introducing one of Tokyo’s finest intimate cafes … perfectly romantic and ideally-suited for lovers.

Sneak Peek At The Tsukiji Market

You’ll Also Find Lots To Do In Tokyo

Your vacation in Japan’s biggest city needs to be about more than the hotel you select and the restaurants in which you dine. There are activities available that can help make each day you spend in this city special, exciting and worthwhile. Consider …

If you’re in town with kids, take a day to enjoy “Disneyland with an eastern flair.” Mickey, Goofy and all of the other charming characters are on hand, but could they be speaking in a different language? Tokyo’s Great Cycling Tour lets you peddle your way around the city at a leisurely pace so that you can stop and enjoy sights you might miss if you were a passenger on a tour bus.

An evening at the Kabukiza Theater is a great way to get close up to Japanese culture and enjoy a form of entertainment that is alien to most western audiences – Kabuki. You can spend another evening strolling through the Asakusa. This famed “walking district” is home to fine shops and restaurants designed to fit every budget.

Of course, no trip to Tokyo would ever be complete without an evening in the Ginza. Tokyo’s world-famous district of neon lights is home to theaters, shopping, dining and countless young Japanese out for an evening of fun.

If you still want more to see and do, you can visit the Tsukiji Market, Tokyo’s answer to western-style flea markets. There are also Shinto shrines … museums … art galleries … even a world-class aquarium. With so much to see and enjoy, you have every reason to believe that your trip to Tokyo will be memorable.

You might even take time out to watch a baseball game, Japanese-style. It’s the American game, of course, with Japanese fans and Japanese fast food … an unforgettable experience that will have you munching on rice instead of fries. Start planning this Tokyo stopover today.

Tokyo Noodle Shop

Noodle shop | Shimbashi, Tokyo by jamesjustin
Noodle shop | Shimbashi, Tokyo by jamesjustin

The Tokyo Experience

And if you do decide to visit Tokyo for your vacation, think about doing something a little out of the ordinary. See the city as if you live there all of the time. Stop in a “noodle house” frequented by locals, a place where you have to get by without speaking English. Wander into a “regular neighborhood,” something that is away from the usual tourist spots. Sip tea with ordinary citizens … be adventurous and just a little bit daring.

Tokyo is one of the world’s safest cities so you have nothing to fear. However, when you move about town “like a local,” you’ll have a lot to gain. Enjoy yourself. And if all goes right, your Tokyo vacation is likely to become one of the most memorable experiences of your life


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