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How to Find New Orleans Travel Deals

Updated on August 13, 2009
Palace Cafe by infrogmation
Palace Cafe by infrogmation

In today's competitive marketplace, you can always find travel deals to your favorite destinations in America. New Orleans is a favorite American destination, and you can find New Orleans travel deals fairly easily. First decide if you want an immediate deal, a deal for a certain time of the year or a deal based on opportunity, if you can pick up and travel on a short notice.

The Internet makes it easy today to find such deals. Set up a Google Alert by going to Enter your search terms: “New Orleans travel deals”. Leave the type Comprehensive. Enter the frequency, either once per day or once per week. Enter your email address. You will find sites that relate to New Orleans travel deals pushed to you when you have requested, once per day or once per week.

If you have a Yahoo account or if you will sign up for one, you can also get Yahoo Travel Alerts. Go to and select Travel Destinations. Select North America and then New Orleans from the list. You will be asked for your Yahoo Account. Sign in if you one or create one if you wish. Follow the instructions and you will also have a Yahoo Travel Alert set up, which will push information to your email address about deals and travel in New Orleans.

Go to, and you will find a website devoted only to New Orleans travel deals. Select one of the menu items for Hotel Deals, Last Minute Deals, Package Deals or Flight Deals. You can also determine if a packaged deal is available.

Go to There you can sign up to follow New Orleans Online on Facebook or Twitter and be informed of New Orleans Travel Deals.

Pick the top ten hotels where you would like to stay. Check their website deals easily by entering in a search engine: New Orleans <name of hotel> travel deals. You should get an ongoing list of the deal that will make your next visit to New Orleans not only fun-filled but remarkably inexpensive. Here is an example:


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