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How To Get China Visa In Just 8 Hours

Updated on March 3, 2017

How to Read China Visa

China Visa Tips

You can obtain China visa by following either one of the two possible methods. Your number one option is to apply for a visa in person, and your number two option is to get someone who will submit the request for you. Your best option is to hire a private online China visa expediting company such as Travel Visa Pro, who will complete the task quickly and professionally. Nevertheless, whichever method you prefer to follow, you can get visa for China as soon as the same day, assuming that you present the necessary documents and pay the required fees.

There are various kinds of travel visas you can choose from - depending on your needs - and each has its own demands. However, there are three requirements shared by all types of China visa expediting services and they are: an entirely finalized visa application form, a lawful US passport that will be valid for at least six more months after your travel to China, and lastly, a document photo measuring 2x2 inches.

China Tourist Visa: To acquire your tourist visa for China in a matter of few days, those three requirements noted above are all that you need. I

China Business Visa: n order to get a business visa, you will also need to bring forward a letter that explains the purpose of your business visit and the intended duration of stay.

China Crew Visa: Those who wish to use China visa expediting services to apply for a crew visa will have to submit the photocopy of their Crew Member Badge identification card and a letter published by the airline company or shipping company, together with the three aforementioned requirements.

China Visa Fees: The consular fee for China visa for US citizens is $140. You can proceed with the payment with credit card, cashier's or company check, money order, or cash. Personal checks are not an option anymore. By undergoing standard procedure, you will get your visa in about 4-6 business days, which is quite long for many. To get it in 2-3 days you are required to pay an extra $20. However, you can make the use of China visa expediting services and get your visa in one business day or less, pay an additional $50, but avoid all the hassle of doing things in person. The usual rule is that you get your visa on the same day if you submit your form before noontime.

China Visa fees for permanent US residents: $30 for single entry, $45 for double entry, $90 for multiple entry. Expediting fees are the same. Original green card is required at most china consulates

The Chinese embassy requests that every application form is delivered either in person by applicants, or by someone who is officially authorized to deliver it for them. An authorized person can be anyone from a close relative to a friend, or from a travel agent to a private China visa expediting company. If you choose a travel agent or an expediting company you can expect to pay an additional fee for their services. How much you are going to pay depends on how soon you want to get the hand on your visa. Such services usually charge from $50 up to $170 if you want your request to be handled the same day.

If you need to get your visa in a day or two, it is probably because you are being very short on time. If you can, take your application form to the Chinese consulate personally, but this is often the case, particularly if you live far away from the embassy, in which case the China visa expediting company will assist you. If you were to visit the Chinese embassy in person you would have to go in any of the following cities: Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. This usually presents a great deal of trouble and costs a lot of time and money on transport, whereas an expediting company completes all the responsibilities for you, leaving you with only but one simple task of mailing your documents in good order.

You have an option to get a connecting flight to China via one of the cities mentioned above. You should then demand a one-day layover that would free you enough time to take the application form to the Chinese embassy yourself. You would have to make sure though that you do not request a layover on a weekend when the embassy is closed. This practice is usually very risky and if you do not have anyone to do it for you, then private China visa expediting company is far the best choice. By taking this option you will also have a professional expediter doing all the hard work for you, giving you more time to complete your other travel preparations. And when you are short on time, this proves to be most valuable advantage.

Emergency China Visa and US Passport Expediting


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    • travelvisapros profile image

      Kestutis Gregeris 3 years ago from San Francisco

      Since this article has been posted, China government has changed their visas rules. Now, US citizens obtain China visa for 10 year! Therefore, you can go through visa process only once in 10 year. That is wonder full news. if any question, please reach out to me.