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Grand Canyon, Arizona

Updated on July 11, 2012

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Grand Canyon National Park, located in northern Arizona, is a very scenic place to visit, and is considered by many to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. I would estimate that it is about 1 mile deep and at its widest around 10 miles across. It was formed over millions of years, from erosion of the Colorado river flowing the sediment downstream. My understanding is that the word "Colorado" is derived from Spanish for "The color red". The rocks that form the layers of the canyon are sedimentary in nature. In my opinion, the best time to go is in the month of October or November, when there is less traffic and snow adds to the mystery.

There are easy trails to hike and likely you will encounter birds and the Kaibab squirrel. It is doubtful that you will run into any snakes, but if you do they like to sun themselves on rocks. 95% of visitors to the Grand Canyon go to the south rim, as the north rim, being much less accessible, is an extra 3 hour drive. In the winter, the north rim is closed to visitors because it is snowed in due to higher elevation.

If you take your family to the Grand Canyon they will be thrilled. Take lots of pictures, although be very careful not to disturb any of the local ecosystem by taking any souvenirs like rocks and stuff that are not from a gift shop. It is best to leave the canyon the way it was when you got there.

I have read reports on the internet and such that around 40 people a year fall to their deaths at the canyon. Although I can't guarantee that these are always accidents, this should serve as a heads up that safety is the main priority. This seems like an awfully high number to me, and no one wants you to be the next statistical anomaly.

Most of all, the point of visiting here is to have fun and recreate. To enjoy the fresh air and sunlight! To get out of the city and live a little! When you get back to civilization, it will be waiting there with all the same problems when you get back. Enjoy a break and you will be healthier.

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