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How to Have a Boracay Vacation on a Budget

Updated on May 19, 2009

Sights of Boracay

Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun
Boracay Sunset
Boracay Sunset

Boracay on a Budget

Boracay. Pure white sand beaches, beautiful people wearing the next best thing to being naked, a sunset which is like a painting being done right in front of your eyes, and parties going on until the break of dawn. Is that something that you want to be a part of and you want to enjoy? If your answer is yes but your wallet is screaming no then this Hub is for you.

The island paradise of Boracay in the Philippines possesses such beauty that it has earned a special place in all of it's visitors and has been one of the most visited beach in Asia and is popular the world over. It is located in the Western Visayas region of the country, specifically in the province of Aklan in Panay Island, about an hour or so away by plane from the country's capital of Manila. It might seem so far away, especially if money matters are making it out of reach, but fret not as everything is not lost yet. Below are some tips to help you enjoy Boracay on a budget.

  • Know the Island - Boracay Island is divided into three different boat stations. In the past, these 3 stations served as the landing points of the small boats that brought people to the white shores of paradise. Nowadays, Boracay has a central port where all of the boats land but the station names still stuck. It's doesn't only differentiate the place where the boat used to dock, it also has it's own specific characteristics which if you know of, you can use to your advantage. Boat station 1 is where most of the commercial establishments are located. Countless bars, resorts, and high-end hotels can be found in this Station. It's like the social center of the island, where most events, parties, and concerts are held. This comes at a price though as majority of the hotels and resorts here are a bit expensive. Boat Station 2 is for those vacationers who want to enjoy a taste of luxur and at the same time not spend too much. Most of the hotels located here are in mid-range and are strategically locatd as it is near the social hub of the island and at the same time not that far from the pier. Boat Station 3 is the nearest from where the boats dock, but it is the farthest from the buzz and the happennings of the island. For those who would like to enjoy Boracay's more quiet and solemn part, then this island is for you. It is also the least expensive among the three stations. Know what your budget is and make sure that you stay in the part of the island that is really suited to your budget.
  • Beach Front Bucks or Long Walk Savings - There are a lot of hotels for almost everyone in Boracay. One important thing to think about before looking for accommodations is your priority. If you would like to splurge and relax then the resorts by the beach are for you. But if you wish to save and at the same time sill enjoy the beauty of Boracay there are also hotels which are located in the inner part of the island but would only be at a fraction of the cost of their beach front counterparts. It is not that far from the beach, about 5-7 minutes but the 5-7 minute walk can save you tons.
  • Where to Eat - Places to eat are aplenty in Boracay, from romantic, under the stars setting to high end specialty restaurants serving different kinds of cuisines. But if you are on a budget, you can still find places to eat which are reasonable and at the same time delicious. Mang Inasal and Andoks, which are both specializing in Chicken and other native dishes, are some options for the budget conscious. They can be located in Boat Station 1 of the island.

Paradise for Everyone

Hopefully these tips will help you be on your way to choosing Boracay as your summer destination and still be within your budget. Nothing is impossible to reach, with imagination and drive. It is truly one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world and a place to visit at least once in your life. I have been to Boracay several times in the past, and surely many more in the future. Hopefully you will also get a chance to enjoy Boracay, if you haven't already, as it is a place that you will make you not want to leave from the moment you step on the white sand and sparkling waters of this amazing island paradise.


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