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A Holiday Story with Smart Vacation Tips

Updated on September 22, 2017
Craan profile image

She's a children's author from Alaska who loves the holidays. She enjoys sharing the dazzling highlights of Xmas with you!

What a Charming Surprise! Alex is Coming to Town!

Though I desired to stay home for the holidays, my wife had already designed a scenic vacation in New York City. I was anxious, for the reason that, I had never been on an airplane, or even ever gone away from my picturesque town. I was afraid to leave home! In the midst of my turmoil, I received a delightful call from my best man, Alex.

"I’ll be in Manhattan this weekend, pack your bags to meet us there,” he said.

“This is a charming surprise! Will Jessica be coming to?” I said with an olive lodged in under my tongue.

“Of course, you know I can’t go anywhere without her,” Alex vowed.

Without more ado, my wife made two extra reservations at the Plaza Hotel, and we left home that evening.

New York City Beamed with Lights of Holiday Decorations

An official doorman with a flimsy top hat and gloves greeted us, “Good evening, folk; your dainty hotel suite is ready,” he said, as he grabbed our satchels, and led us to our superb hotel space.

I fervently dropped my silk jacket on our bed to peer out of the window to admire the imposing beauty of Central Park, from a height of seventy-five feet.

The Commons beamed with a vivid assortment of lights festooned with decorative pine trees from the holiday burlesque of New York’s City’s end of year celebrations. Now, we couldn't wait to meet Alex and Jessica tomorrow! We hadn't cajoled with them in two years since they had gone to Germany.

We were on our way to spending quality time with our lovely relatives; that's why we had to make sure we would enjoy the utmost time ever. Then, I called Ticketmaster for seating to see the “Radio City Music Show” and ordered room service to deliver a luscious spread. Next, we cuddled in our warm sheets, watched a charming motion picture and eagerly anticipated James and Jessica’s arrival in the morning.

Upon waking, we each briskly showered and headed straight to the park for a quick jog around the square before sunrise. They were arriving that evening, and we wanted them to see us energized. Having an entire day to ourselves was a pleasant reprieve, except we couldn't enjoy the tourist sites on our own, not even for one afternoon. The clear, breezy, and wintry day seemed endless, as we lingeringly waited for them. Sundown came and went, and we awaited their ring, save for, they didn't grace us with their presence.

Terribly worried, we fretfully dialed their phone number; except, they didn't answer. Every type of dire thought started running through our minds. Could they have been in a plane crash? We thought. Well, of course not, we uttered out loud with a sigh of relief. We would have heard of an airplane accident in the news. Even so, we wondered why they weren't taking our calls. That evening we hardly relaxed or slept a wink.

It's Grand to Enjoy the Holidays with Friends!

Sharing a holiday dinner with your loved ones is enjoyable when on vacation.
Sharing a holiday dinner with your loved ones is enjoyable when on vacation. | Source

We're at the Plaza Hotel Waiting for You!

Finally, someone answered, and I mumbled, “Sweetheart, why aren't you here?”

“What do you mean, James?”

“We are at the Plaza Hotel in New York City waiting for you!”

“Now, James, Where did you get the idea I was coming to New York this weekend?” Alex affirmed.

My wife shrieked, “Well, l you instructed us to meet you and Jessica in Manhattan, didn't you?”

I beg your pardon? No, I never said I was coming to see you! There is no way we could travel, at present, because Jessica has a vital speaking engagement on Monday morning.”

Perplexed, we didn't know what to think. “Fine, we guess we’ll see you sometime after the New Year festivities.”

Remedied, they were totally right; we set out to make the best of our amazing holiday vacation in the Big Apple. Subsequently, a cousin kindly called to say, she had planted a joke on poor James to force him to forget about the strain of having to leave his charming scenic town during the holidays, for the sheer sport of it. Our cousins longed to have him look forward to meeting his favorite relatives on his wife’s luxurious escape to trendy New York City, even though he knew they wouldn’t come for an exceedingly good ground.

With Careful Planning Your Vacation Will Be Affordable.

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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