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How to Have a Productive Summer Vacation

Updated on May 17, 2014
Exploring sea life on Oregon's Coast at Cannon Beach
Exploring sea life on Oregon's Coast at Cannon Beach | Source

Great Summer Vacations

There should always be a summer vacation in your memory where you measure against all future summer vacations to come. For some it's memories of your parents and siblings on vacation, for others, it may be a summer vacation that you had when you were single. Whether it was a year ago or 30 years ago, we usually have one summer vacation in our memory that we compare all the others to.

For me, it was a trip to Disney Land when I was 12 - my first time to California. It was a treat, and I was so blown away with the amount of fun stuff there was to do there. In this hub, I will cover a few pointers that I have learned through my personal experience and travels. Here are a few topics that will be covered on this hub:

  • Summer Trips
  • Popular Vacation Destinations
  • Stuff to do with Family
  • Vacation Ideas for Couples
  • Crazy Things to do in the Summer

Fort Vancouver, a very historically rich site that has helped build the North West.
Fort Vancouver, a very historically rich site that has helped build the North West. | Source

Summer Trips

There are summer trips that begin with a long drive, and sometimes, the drive 'is' the vacation. Those annual "are we there yet trips" with the whole family are actually cheaper to afford, and can be just a matter of going to the beach from the mid-west. It can be driving to see any natural attraction - most of which are free, or are available to the public for a small fee.

The driving vacation is the vacation we take when flying elsewhere is a little out of the budget. But driving to a destination is more interactive with what lies ahead. Taking a trip to a destination that is historical is an awesome adventure - just to learn something about someone or a group of people that affected the way we live today is a treat.

Here are a few ideas to make the best of the educational summer trips:

  • Preliminary research about the destination is a 'must' to get everyone excited.
  • Check for other sites in the area where it might support the main destination.
  • Plan how much time to stay in each area, and whether you need a motel stay.
  • Check for a bonus just-for-fun area on the way that you can treat yourselves with.
  • Make sure you have things to do on the drive - especially if you travel with kids.

Pony Tail falls near Multnomah Falls, Oregon.
Pony Tail falls near Multnomah Falls, Oregon. | Source
Hawaiian Monk Seal resting in the sand - protected mammals that beachcombers give a wide birth to when observing.
Hawaiian Monk Seal resting in the sand - protected mammals that beachcombers give a wide birth to when observing. | Source

Popular Vacation Destinations

Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas, Florida, Canada and all parts east and west are popular vacation destinations. If you are going to be flying to your destination and staying there, research well ahead of time is very important. Looking for package deals and the best prices requires doing the leg-work early on.

Not only is choosing the destination important, but going at the right time could mean the difference between saving or spending a few hundred dollars. Going off season is a huge plus for savers, but it's important to know that there may be areas, or attractions that are not available during the off season - typically it's the best time for them to do repairs and maintenance.

Doing your research about hotels that have tours, and special privileges to attractions and amusement parks are always great, but make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Just because you stay at a Disney hotel, doesn't mean that you're getting a bargain for park passes. A hotel off-site may offer shuttles to and from the park, a cheaper stay, and a break on park passes that may save you a chunk of change without down-grading your hotel.

Hawaii's Sea Life Park
Hawaii's Sea Life Park | Source

Stuff to do with Family

Educational vacations where you decide along with your family what area and subject to explore. In the US, there is a plethora of events and landmarks in the history of this still young nation. The sky is the limit to how far you would like to explore this land, and everything in it.

Depending on what historical event you wish to study, it can be Lewis and Clarks push for the North west pass, how the pilgrims survived their first winter since Plymouth Rock, or the infamous Route 66. You and your family can spend time together planning where to stay, and what special history there is. You can trace the travels of your subjects of interest, and gain such a special knowledge when you are actually there, on the land where your subject was. It takes US history from the classroom to the field.

Lake Tahoe for a romantic getaway!
Lake Tahoe for a romantic getaway! | Source

Vacation Ideas for Couples

Romance is in the air when couples go on vacation. It doesn't matter where you head out to, as long as you're at a comfortable hotel with great amenities and room service. People tend to want to go where the weather is different from where they are - if it's cold where you are, you'd like to find somewhere where it's nice and warm. If you're in the mid-west and the ocean is far from you in every direction, the ocean is where you'd want to go.

Romantic get-aways doesn't always mean that you never want to leave your rooms, but there's nothing wrong with that in case that's your intentions. if you do decided to venture out, there should be some exciting attractions or else you could have just stayed home at a nearby motel. Every destination has it's offerings, but it should be something that the both of you can enjoy, and want to explore.

Whether it's a romantic getaway, or a two week vacation you should be aware of a few things that could put a damper in your romance. Here's a few things to keep in mind when you're looking for a destination to spend time with your significant other:

  • Always have a plan. You'd be surprised to know that it's not over once you've found a place to inhabit, you need to plan where you can have your meals, things to do, places to see. Spending time outside together gives height to spending time indoors later.
  • Make sure your destinations are mutually enjoyable. It won't be much fun if one of you is bored while the other is elated. It will be ruined for both of you.
  • Agree on a time frame. Although surprises are a great idea, you need to agree on how long it is that you should stay. The longer you stay, the more it costs, and if you are on a budget, it's not fun at all if you pass the point of comfort within your finances. Set a budget, and stick to it.
  • Know your travel arrangements. How will you get there? Will you need a car once there or are there affordable transportation that is acceptable?


Best Romantic Getaways in the US

Things to do:
Maui, Hawaii
Great weather, beautiful landscape.
Sun, surf, skin dive, sky dive, hikes.
Napa Valley, California
Wineries, luxurious hotels.
The best wine tasting events.
Aspen, Colarado
Ski resorts and cozy lodges.
Everything with snow!
Newport, Rhode Island
Sea food, posh shops, regattas.
Long walks on the sandy shores and serious shopping.
Caving in Hawaii
Caving in Hawaii | Source

What do you think about bungee jumping?

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Crazy Things to do in the Summer

Bungee jumping trips, or skydiving trips rank right up there with crazy things to do in the summer - so is surfing the big 30' waves in Hawaii. Whatever the risk, just understand that there is a risk, and that may mean injury.

For some, it's the thrill and adrenaline that they feed off of, for others, they just took the next step in the sport that they love. When you take your sport seriously and are involved in every aspect of the sport, you minimize the danger and maximize the thrill. The difference between the casual bungee jumper that will jump off a bridge after paying a fee, and the person that packs his shoot for a weekend jump with his friends is a large difference in safety and preparedness.

Whatever you decide to undergo, do the research to find out how safe the company or business is that offers the event that you want to undergo. Visit the facility, and ask others what their experience was like with the business. Ask questions, and learn all you can before committing yourself to an event. Remember, If you don't feel up to doing it, don't do it. Any respectable business will honor your decision.

Big Surf at Waimea Bay, Hawaii


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