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How to Have the Best Cancun Family Vacation

Updated on April 30, 2009

Cancun is a popular vacation destination for adults because of its exciting nightlife, shopping, entertainment, and beaches. Its location on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and endless white, sandy beaches along the Caribbean Sea draw many adult visitors and couples each year.

But Cancun also offers great family vacations, with many luxury resorts along its 14-mile “Hotel Zone” that welcome families and children. Lagoon pools, kids clubs, sports center, and kids’ activities can be found in many resorts, with swimming,sail boating, snorkeling, and bicycling nearby. These family-friendly resorts range in price and location, so you should pick the one that is right for your family. The following are some tips to help you in your decision.

Choose a resort near a clear beach and calm waves.

Hurricanes and tropical storms regularly wreak havoc on Cancun’s pristine beaches. Before deciding where to stay, check recent beach photos on resort websites, or read recent reviews at and choose a resort near a clear, restored beach. Also check the pattern of the waves near the resorts you are considering. Some resorts are located near gentler waves that are more suitable for younger swimmers.

Consider day trips and vacation packages.

Cancun offers many interesting day trips, including the Mayan Riviera and several Mayan ruins. Some resorts offer vacation packages that include these day trips. Keep in mind, however, that Cancun is full of interesting nightlife and activities that you and your family might enjoy—so do not choose an all-inclusive package if you want to do some exploring once you arrive.

Get information about Cancun in advance.

Check brochures, websites, and travel articles about Cancun for valuable tips and traveler reviews. This will help you find the best deal for your money, and ensure that your family gets to see and do all the things that appeal to you the most. Be sure to research information on travel around the downtown area and free activities to make the most of your trip.

Prepare for walking in Cancun.

While downtown Cancun is a great place to walk and go sightseeing, you should be prepared for holes in the sidewalk, the absence of traffic lights, and multi-way intersections. Especially if you have small children, develop a game plan for navigating the city and keeping your family safe while you explore all the wonderful sights Cancun has to offer.

Whatever type of Cancun vacation you choose, make sure you take lots of pictures! The gorgeous colors make everyone look radiant and dazzling!

Image Credit: Kyle Simourd, Flickr


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