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Singles Cruises: Meet New People

Updated on June 24, 2009

There are loads of ways for today's singletons to meet up, but few are as exciting as the singles cruise. Yes, that's right -- think Love Boat, but less cheesy and lots more fun. Not only do you get to travel somewhere exotic and exciting, you get to combine that with being deliberately placed among other singles who are looking to make friends or lovers, too. If nothing else, that equation's sure to lead to a memorable time, right? Read on to learn more about Singles Cruises and what you can expect from them.

You're not obligated to fall for anyone on the cruise.

This is the first thing you need to keep in mind when gong on a singles' cruise. Yes, obviously, the big idea here is to meet a fabulous him or her that could lead to a fabulous boyfriend or girlfriend -- but if you psych yourself out with expectations, you will end up more nervous than anything else. Therefore, keep this in mind: If your cruise is full of frogs, you can always go explore the island and search for a local prince.

You will probably wind up bunking with someone, though.

Unless you're super rich and can afford your own cabin, you'll probably be placed in a shared cabin with another member of your own sex. Therefore, you should be at least somewhat socially adept before signing up for one of these. If you're not, save up enough money for one of those private rooms first.

You don't necessarily need a passport.

Personally, I think everyone ought to have a passport, but if you're not of the mind to get one, there are some cruises that don't require one. Americans traveling down the coast to Mexico, for example, may only need a certified birth certificate and a driver's license -- but you'll need to verify each cruise ship's requirements beforehand to be sure.

You can mingle with whomever you like.

This isn't grade school -- you're not going to assigned to a group of people and be told that you'd better start falling in love, or consider your cash dumped at sea. No; these things are not cheap, and you're there to find a connection, not have someone assign one to you. You can join up with groups and follow them on outings, or you can pair up with a single person and do the same -- or, as I said earlier, you can go off on your own.

You can try a 3 day cruise for a start.

If you're nervous about travelling "alone" or worried about how things might turn out, you can always opt for the shorter (and cheaper) 3 day cruise. These are also easy to manage at the last minute for those times when you come home and find your boyfriend in the arms of another woman -- perfect way to dump him and make yourself feel better all in one go.

Best if your sell by date is 30 and over.

Most of the people on these types of cruises tend to be in the over 30 category, with the limit hovering around 50 or so. Bear in mind this also means that many of these people will be divorcees, in case you've got a thing about that (not that you can really afford to, if you're that old!).

Gay/Lesbian singles cruises also available.

Obviously, if you're LGBT, you don't want to wind up on a boat full of heteros -- not unless you like a really good challenge. There are special cruises that cater to the gay and lesbian community so don't rule the singles cruise out if you're LGBT.

Other specialty cruises exist as well.

I'll address these more in-depth in future articles, but there are singles cruises geared toward single parents, single senior citizens, religious beliefs and more!


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