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How to Pack Efficiently For Your Trip Away

Updated on April 24, 2016

Packing is something we all struggle with. Knowing how to fit all of your belongings into a suitcase is a fine art to master, though at the same time you must always make sure to avoid going over that pesky weight limit.

Success is where preparation and holiday meet

What will the weather be like at your destination? Go Check!

How long are you staying for? Go Check!

Do you have access to washing facilities? Don't Count On it!

Make sure you are as well prepared as possible before you begin packing. There is nothing worse than finally zipping tight your suitcase before remembering that you need a heavy rain jacket or other bulky item and having to start over. Make a list of everything you need and check it off as you go. This will stop you forgetting anything too.

Folding Vs Rolling

Folding-You should always fold clothes that will wrinkle easily, unless of course you are going somewhere with an iron-or you do not care. Nice shirts and jeans should always be folded.

Rolling-For all clothes that do not wrinkle easily, it is fine to roll them loosely to save space when traveling. Examples of materials that this works with is cotton or knitwear.

Pack the Awkward Items First

The number one rule of packing is to pack the awkward, bulky items first. Socks, pillow cases, and towels can all be stuffed into small spaces, but the same can not be said of your fancy high heels or expensive hair straighteners.

  • Make sure you have all your items available before you begin
  • Pack the largest, most needed items first
  • Start around the outside and work inwards
  • Make each item as small as possible without damaging it
  • It may take several tries to find the best combination

Leave Room For Souvenirs

You are going to want to bring back souvenirs so make sure to leave room for that so you don't end up having to throw something away on the trip home. If your suitcase has pockets, make sure you leave at least one empty, and leave at least 1.5kgs of your weight allowance free.

If you do get to the airport and are overweight, try and transfer as many items as possible to your carry on. Heavy items like shoes and cameras are a good choice. Make sure these items are allowed in your carry on. Liquids like shampoo and weapons such as hairspray will be confiscated.

If worst comes to worst, you can always try and wear as many clothes as possible. You only need to do this to get onto the plane.

Don't end up like this guy!
Don't end up like this guy!

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What is your worst over packing experience? Have you ever lost your luggage? What is your most forgotten item (mine is toothpaste) Tell me in the comments below!


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