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How to Prepare for Lenghty International Travel

Updated on May 13, 2014
International Travel Preparation
International Travel Preparation

You would often find yourself in situations, where you have to prepare for long international travel. There is a lot of fun, excitement and amusement going through your mind. The duration of international travel is generally between 6 weeks to some months. If you have not yet decided the global destination, you can always consider Argentina, Germany, India and China. Alternatively, you should always avoid Middle East countries, Pakistan and some parts of Mexico. There are several websites, which would guide you about the top destinations, as per your interest. In this hub, I would highlight tips, which would help you to save your time, reduce your workload, and lot of money.

Travel Tips
Travel Tips

5 Tips for International Travel

  • Decide your Home Status- You would be leaving your house for long duration, and you would never want to be affected by burglary. The best thing is too aware your friends, relatives and neighbors to keep a watch. Alternatively, if you are leaving for a longer duration and you are concerned about money; you can rent your house. This way you would have someone to care about the house, and you will gain sufficient income.
  • Caring the Automobile- The best place to keep your automobile in space is at the garage. You can use your fuel stabilizer into the gas tanks and disconnect the batteries to avoid drain. Additionally, you should use jack stands to avoid tire and shock damage. Make sure your car is locked and under surveillance. You can extend or cancel the insurance, if you are going for a longer duration.
  • Monitor your present Health Insurance- You need to consult your health insurance provider for extending the duration. Alternatively, if your current health insurance provider does not cover international insurance, you need to find new ones. It would be in individual best interest to gather all the immunizations and vaccination of the regions. You should consider doctors, who can provide you information regarding medications for the region.

International Destination
International Destination
  • Backup your travel documents- As per the modern technology, any stuff can be kept in cloud. It is a good habit to keep the track of email services. Additionally, keep 2 copies of important travel documents, as they can be helpful during your journey. You need to inform your entire plan to close friends or relatives, so they have information to track you in case of crisis.
  • Pack Lightly- It is no use carrying heavy loads from one destination to another. However, you need to strictly consider the weather patterns of the destinations. Overpacking can create lots of problems for you, and there are strong chances that you may be fined. You need to have a basic set of clothes, and your much needed stuff. The most important part is to have a lock, which can secure your luggage, and be used during transit.

Lastly, never neglect these important points, as they can cause you severe trouble during international travel. It would always be difficult to find help in an alien land. You need to stay informed, and try to learn the basics of local language. This would improve your interaction with the public.


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