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How to Save Money on a Cruise - Budget Travel Tips from Cruisers

Updated on April 3, 2016

Simple ways to save on cruise vacations revealed!

When all aspects are taken into consideration, a cruise ship can be the ultimate budget travel destination.

A cruise provides a great, single-priced vacation. One of the main attractions to booking a cruise is that just about everything is included in the cost! Given enough time searching the best cruise deals and doing the math, you may be amused to discover that there are cases when the daily cost of a cruise is less than the daily cost of a decent hotel room. When we treat that the price of the cruise includes not just the room but all the food and entertainment as well, it becomes easy to see why cruises are so popular with budget minded travelers.

Ferry on Bruny Island, Tasmania
Ferry on Bruny Island, Tasmania | Source

Don't hesitate to ask the right questions for the cruise deals you are looking to book.

Be reminded that there are some things that may not be included in a cruise package. And so it becomes important to find out everything that makes up the cruise deal, and what needs to be paid for as an extra. For instance, most cruises do not cover alcohol and require passengers to pay the bar tab upon departure. You may also want to make sure the shore excursions and local sight-seeing tours are already covered.

Trip for Two Or...

Cruise trips have been popular as among those things enjoyed by at least couples or partners, a minimum of two people travelling at the same time. For this reason alone, it is typical to see cruise deals on cheap cruises priced for “double occupancy” or a package for two individuals. If you are going solo, do not hesitate in asking for the best rates for single travellers.


Which Cabin?

Enough number of people are also looking at the cabin assignment when booking a cruise trip. Cabins located on the lower portion of the ship are usually priced lower than the ones at the higher areas. The more expensive cabins almost always have better views of the waters and the upper deck. It will not hurt to browse some cruise-related forums or reach out to past passengers to strike a balance of comfortable and budget-friendly travel.

Tip in Booking Your Next Cruise:

A good plan to find a cruise is book early, like several months before the target date. But you cannot be limited to just this approach, as you may check out deals from top brands celebrating something like an anniversary or award they recently received.


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