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How to Take Vacation in Seattle and What to do

Updated on April 7, 2015
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Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.

The Space Needle
The Space Needle

Seattle is a neat place to visit and there are certain things you need to make sure you do while you are there.

You need to go to the Seattle Center. This is where the Space Needle is. The Space Needle really is cool. It is best if you go up when the weather is nice but it is a treat regardless. There is a nice restaurant at the top that slowly rotates so you get a view of the entire area. Ok, it is kind of scary too per the great height.

You need to go to the Pike Place Market. This is downtown at around First and Pike. There are all kinds of things to see there. There are shops and stores on multiple levels. Most famously is the fish market where they throw fish. Like if you order a fish someone will pick up the fish and throw it to someone else to package, etc. The employees there are real characters too i.e. yelling, carrying on, etc. Visitors and tourists like to see this scene. There are nice views of the Puget Sound from the market. There are also a few malls downtown.

Pike Place Market can be very crowded in the warmer months--mostly on the street level. This can be quite nerve racking if you have children or if you don't like crowds. The other levels tend not to be as crowded.

Main entrance to the Pike Place Market
Main entrance to the Pike Place Market

If you go about a third of a mile further South and go along the waterfront you can go on a ferry ride...either on foot or by car. The ferries departing Seattle are cool cause you can look back and see the skyline--it is very pretty. You can also look NW and see the Olympic Peninsula. It is cool to be up in the passenger lounge or outside on the observation decks looking around and having the wind blow through your hair. Oh by the way, there are all kinds of things to do on the Seattle water front. You can take a boat from the waterfront to nearby Blake Island and can go on the Victoria Clipper to Victoria, B.C. Canada.

Washington State Ferry From a Distance
Washington State Ferry From a Distance

On the Eastern side of Seattle is Lake Washington. It has two really long, floating to the North and the other across the center of the lake--these are neat to drive across.

South of Seattle is the magnificent Mt. Rainier. It is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. Unlike many mountain chains in the world, Mt. Rainier rises high above the other Cascade Mountain peaks in the area. It is so very beautiful and awesome!

By the way, It is not true that it rains in Seattle all the time. There are times of the year however when it rains quite a bit---like during late Fall and throughout the Winter.

Mount Rainier -- On a clear day you can easily see it from Seattle
Mount Rainier -- On a clear day you can easily see it from Seattle | Source

Seattle also has a bunch of nice restaurants. There is Palisades in the Magnolia area. This is a really nice place on the Puget Sound. I think my favorite was Daniels. This is a nice place on Lake Washington in an area called Leschi. My goodness, really there are lots of nice and/fun places to eat in the Seattle area---too many really to mention here.

There are a number of neat neighborhoods like Fremont, Ballard, Queen Anne, Capital Hill, the University District and more. There are fabulous parks like Discovery Park, Gas Works Park, Volunteer Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, Carkeek Park, Green Lake and, on and on.

You have professional baseball a la the Seattle Mariners, pro football a la the Seattle Seahawks and, the University of Washington Huskies basketball and football. Microsoft is not far away and Bill Gates himself lives on Mercer Island.

Believe it or not, Bruce Lee and his Son, Brandon, are buried in Seattle. Their grave sites are in the cemetery adjacent to Volunteer Park on Capital Hill. Jimi Hendrix is buried in Renton which is just south of Seattle.

Within the region are so many other interesting places. You can go to Snoqualmie Falls and then go further East on 1-90 up to Snoqualmie Pass. You can go North on 1-5 and then cut across Stevens Pass or still further North and go East on the North Cascades Highway. The scenery in these areas can be spectacular. I like Stevens Pass and the North Cascades Hwy better than Snoqualmie Pass. You can go to Leavenworth via Stevens or to Winthrop via North Cascades Hwy. The region offers fantastic hiking!

Up North and to the West are the San Juan Islands. This is a very beautiful ferry ride and if you are lucky you may see some Orca or Humpback Whales. From Bellingham in the far North of the state you can catch a ferry to Alaska. Well, I'll stop for now but Seattle and the surrounding area really is a cool place for you to visit for a vacation.

You must however, at a bare minimum, go to the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market and, on a ferry ride.

If you have been a visitor or tourist to Seattle did you think it was pretty cool?

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