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Travel Tips for Comfort

Updated on October 12, 2016

Traveling is fun, but the actual flying part of the experience can be a nightmare unless you take necessary steps to ensure you have a comfortable flight. Sure, there are several things on a flight you can't necessarily control, like if you're sitting next to a kid that cries non-stop for hours or sitting in coach where the seats are crowded together, giving you very little leg room. All we can do, in circumstances like this, is to adapt, and be prepared for having to accommodate to any potential discomfort. If you follow these five travel tips, nothing on your next flight should be able to phase you.

1. Dress in layers- Everyone who's flown before knows that it can be chilly on airplanes or get rather stuffy if you're sitting in the middle of two other passengers. Therefore, when deciding what to wear on an airplane, the first layer you should dress in should be light...and then you should wear one or two things over just in case it gets pretty cold. Avoid open-toed shoes, bring a scarf, and make sure whatever outfit you choose should be layered but not bulky.

2. Bring your own entertainment- These days, you can rent movies and shows on planes, but often times, those shows come with a small fee. If you can, try bringing a book, hand-held game, or movie-watching device with headphones to help time pass on your flight. Deep immersion in anything that invokes high-stimulation is a great way to avoid getting annoyed with noisy passengers.

3. Get the right pillow- This is especially true if you plan to sleep. Sure, sometimes airplanes come with their own pillows, and there are those classic U-shaped pillows you can invest in, but trying out something like the Slumber Stache can be just what you need. The Slumber Stache, created by Jase Adams, is set to be released in January 2017 and promises a whole new level of comfort for flying.

The Slumber Stache, invented by Jase Adams, is set to be released January 2017 and is meant to revolutionize the way we experience comfort on airplanes. Visit to learn more.
The Slumber Stache, invented by Jase Adams, is set to be released January 2017 and is meant to revolutionize the way we experience comfort on airplanes. Visit to learn more.

4. Stay hydrated and eat well before your flight- Your mood and level of energy depend on this. If you forget to eat and drink water before you're trip, you may find it hard to relax with that intense anticipation for the crew to come down with their cart of snacks. And then you may end up spending a fortune on them instead of trinkets for wherever you're headed. So for your stomach's and wallet's sake, eat and drink water at least an hour before your flight.

5. Have tools to tune out- Noise-cancelling headphones and eye masks can prove helpful if you're set in getting some sleep or simply relaxing. These are especially helpful for those long flights that take over five hours. You never know if the passenger sitting next to you will be on the noisy side or if they insist on having the sunlight stream in through that little window...So be sure to be prepared so that you focus on maximum comfort.

Traveling is meant to be fun and relaxing, so your flight should be too! Stay tuned for more travel tips I'll be posting in the near future

What do youfind most uncomfortable about flying?

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    • CeeJHicks profile image

      CJ Hicks Gathright 

      2 years ago from Meridian, Mississippi

      Great reminders in preparing for a flight.


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