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How to Travel with a baby

Updated on April 3, 2014

Travel with Babies

Having a baby doesn't mean that you cannot travel and enjoy life. It is a challenge to travel with a baby but it can be done and you don't need to wait.

You also don't have to avoid flying for fear of baby screams and passenger complaints either.

Travel is the best knowledge you will ever gain and there is nothing better for a life experience than to travel.

Having kids can change your life completely but you don't have to stop living and enjoying yourself.

Here are a few ways to travel with a baby whilst having fun and enjoying life!

Your baby will be a jetsetter in no time at all with these tips!

Travelling with a baby can be easy
Travelling with a baby can be easy

How to travel by plane with a baby

Flying with a baby can be a great challenge and you will probably get a lot of dirty looks and horrible comments should baby start crying continuously on the plane.

To prevent your little one from crying throughout the flight ensure that it has had good rest before you leave.

If your baby is under two weeks old you will have to get a letter from your doctor in order to travel.

Plan your trip for a time that is baby's sleepiest time and book your flight according to that.

Avoid getting a flight that has a layover or connecting flight as this could be chaotic for all of you.

If you have to get a flight that has a layover or connecting flight then ensue that you have a small pram that can be kept on the plane.

Book your seat on the aisle as it will be easier for you to get up and change the baby when you need to.

Should baby have it's own seat then you are allowed to bring a car seat onto the plane but it is more for you to carry when you get off.

Many airlines have special flights for infants so find out about that before you book.

If your baby has to fly on your lap, get yourself a sling or soft carrier to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be.

Let the airline know that you are travelling with a baby and as you will not be allowed to sit near the exits, you can request the bulk head seats which have no satin in front of them and give you plenty of space for baby to kick and move around, without bumping other passengers.

Make sure that you have extra diapers and clothing should there be a delay as this will make things a lot easier for you.

It gets cold in the plane so ensure that you have warm clothing for the baby to avoid it from getting sick before you get to your destination.

The pressure in a plane can be hurtful to babies ears so ensure that you bring something for it to suck on to alleviate the pressure.

Never be afraid to ask for help and ensure that your partner is with you on this challenge. The air hostess will also gladly help you when you need something.

Breast feeding is not allowed on some flights so you need to check with the airline and print out their answer to show the air crew in order to avoid conflict on the flight.

Get a window seat should you need to breast feed and ask for a blanket to be discreet as many passengers do not like the idea of "flashing" in front of them.

Invest in a bed bag for travel with baby

You have to invest in one of these bags for travelling with a baby as it becomes a bed too!
You have to invest in one of these bags for travelling with a baby as it becomes a bed too!
The travel bag that becomes a bed too is amazing for travelling with a baby
The travel bag that becomes a bed too is amazing for travelling with a baby

Hotel Reservations with a baby

Remember that you are going away to have fun and you need to get sleep in order for you to enjoy your holiday.

When booking the hotel ask if they have an elevator and should they not have one then book a room on the ground floor to avoid having to climb stairs with baby.

Get a room that has enough space for you to add a cot and ask the hotel if they do provide you with one because some of them don't.

Should they not have a cot then it is a good idea for you to buy one just for the holiday at your destination. Baby can relax and play in there while you have a nap or get some rest.

You will not have to worry about the baby falling out of a bed and it will give you time to get some rest.

Put on the television or music and give the baby some toys to play with to keep it occupied after a long flight as baby will get teary.

If you are going to be doing a lot of walking around then check that the hotel is central and that they have a kitchen or a kettle for you to use.

Ensure that the hotel gives you a room that is away from noise to avoid baby waking up unnecessarily due to loud guests or staff doors.

How do you pack when travelling with a baby?

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Travel Packing for Baby

Travel light if you are going overseas and make sure that you have warm and cool clothing for the little one.

For the airplane you need to have extra snacks, something for the baby to chew to avoid blocked ears and extra diapers in case. Also ensure that you have something warm for baby to wear on the plane as it gets cold in there and the blanket doesn't always help.

If you have booked the bulk head seats then bring along a cushion for baby to lie down on as you and the baby will be comfortable.

Always have an extra carry bag with baby food, diapers, wet wipes, warm clothes and a dummy or something to chew and drink.

If you do have a layover ensure that you have a pram that can fold and is easy to carry onto the plane so that you can move quickly.

Here is a list of things to pack but ask the airline what quantities you are allowed to take on board to avoid having everything confiscated.

Formula/ powdered milk

cereal/baby food

eating utensils

bottles and nipples

sippy cups


diapers and cream


baby toiletries



2 outfits per day if you are not going to do laundry

car seat



travel cot


shoes (comfy)

warm jacket

Entertaining baby on the plane

Don't forget to take things for the baby to do at all times or you will end up being kept very busy.

Pack a DVD player for the baby to watch a movie

A cuddly toy for him/her to feel safe with

Don't forget to pack baby medication for sore ears and any other medication your baby might need.

Toys can be a thing to carry everywhere but you do need it if you want the baby to keep occupied whilst flying, especially if you have not been able to book a flight for baby sleep times.

Music is soothing for anyone and if you can get some soothing music for baby to listen to while he/she is lying down in the plane.

It will also help to have things for baby to play with in the hotel cot so that you can relax too.

Things to pack for the plane
Things to pack for hotel
Things to pack for walking around
Baby medication
Portable cot
diapers and wet wipes
Warm jacket
Cuddly teddy
Heavy duty pram
Spare clothes for you
One or two movies
Comfortable clothing
Blanket for feeding
Extra snacks
Bottled water
Baby food
South African Airways sky cot can be requested when you book your ticket Source: Natasha
South African Airways sky cot can be requested when you book your ticket Source: Natasha
Flying with a baby can be easy
Flying with a baby can be easy

Relax and take it easy

Try to pack as light as possible especially when flying but if you can't then remember that you need to organise good transport to make your lives easier.

Many cab drivers will not allow you into their cars if you do not have a baby seat so take one with you if you plan to travel by car.

Get to the airport in advance so that you do not have to panic to get yourselves and all the luggage to the plane, it also helps being early in case you need to change the baby.

Make sure that you take a window seat if you want to breast feed on the plane and a blanket to cover yourself with.

Ensure that you ask the airline about the limitations on liquids and items that you can bring on board to avoid everything being confiscated.

Enjoy your holiday and just take your time with everything. You have a baby and there is no other way to travel faster, lighter or quieter. Just enjoy the ride and avoid getting stressed out by getting some sleep and taking turns to look after the baby. If you don't get enough rest then your holiday travel with baby will be a nightmare experience.

Get rest, relax and don't worry about what other people think because you have earned a holiday and so what if you are taking your baby with and it screams a little!

Make sure you pack correctly and that you plan as much as you can to make life easier for you all.

If you forget something then don't worry because most countries have stores with everything that you will need for baby.

Keep yourself stress free when travelling with kids
Keep yourself stress free when travelling with kids

Tips for Flying with a baby

Checking in with a pram or car seat can be done at the baggage claim area and it will not count as your checked luggage which means that you do not have to pay extra for it.

Infants that sit on your lap can also go for free obviously because they are not taking up a seat.

Try to have the baby in a carrier on your chest whilst checking in at the airport to keep your hands free to move and go through the scanner. Once you have checked in and gone through the security you can then use the stroller to get to the plane. This helps with all the extra hand luggage that you will have to carry.

Ensure that baby is wearing easily removable clothing for a quick change and bring your extra shirt with so that you can look fresh and clean when you leave the plane.

Ignore impatient passengers and just remember that you have a baby, it will scream and cry and that's okay because you will never see the people on the plane again and it doesn't matter about what they think because you have the right to go on a holiday and enjoy yourself by RELAXING.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you! yes there is no excuse not to travel

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Traveling with babies can be a good experience if your steps are followed it would make much easier. A helpful hub with useful tips.

    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you! It just takes planning but there is no excuse for not being able to travel and have fun, even with a baby.

    • GreenPrince profile image

      Prince Edike 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      I m fascinated by the steps you have just lay down on how to make the journey easy with a baby. Getting the baby to rest enough before travelling is the key. From making preparation, reservation, booking, packing to flying itself, travelling with a baby would be so easy with your tips.


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