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How to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo ?

Updated on April 3, 2015
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Kasada Ceremony
Kasada Ceremony

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia.. Mount Bromo is in East Java. There are three roads to reach the location of Mount Bromo. Location road to Mount Bromo is Malang, Pasuruan and Probolinggo City.

Mount Bromo has a height of 2,392 meters above sea level, right-left Mount Bromo is a very beautiful hill and the Sea of sand with an area of approximately 10 km surrounding Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo temperature is between three degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius and the temperature can be below zero during the dry season so that the temperature in the region of Mount Bromo is very cold.

People who live in Bromo are Tengger tribe . They do ceremonies in once a year. The ceremony known as Kasada ceremony.

Kasado ceremony is usually in September - November and start from Hindu Temple at the sea of sand to walk to the summit crater of Bromo. Tengger community will throw something into the crater like vegetables, chicken, and money.

You can go to Mount Bromo by car or or motorcycles, however, when using a car must stop at the counter inside the area and continue the premises rented jeep because the road to Mount Bromo go down and go up a very dangerous path.

Transport and accommodation

To reach Mount Bromo is very easy to transport much liking. Able to rent a motorbike, Rent car or through a travel agent.

There are many hotels and home stays around Bromo area besides food and drinks are also available both outside and in the sea of sand Bromo Bromo, a lot of people selling food and drinks especially Indonesian food.

Usually tourists to Mount Bromo by three roads, among others:
1. Pasuruan - Warung Dowo - Tosari - Wonokitri -Gunung Bromo within 71 miles
2. Malang – Tumpang - Gubukklakah - Jemplang - Mount Bromo within 53 miles
3. Malang - Purwodadi - Nongkojajar - Tosari - Wonokitri - Pananjakan within 83 miles

Jeep  at the sand sea
Jeep at the sand sea

Seeing Sunrise.

Seeing the sunrise is very fascinating and can be seen from the village Pananjakan before descending to Bromo.

The sun will rise from the east slowly usually around at and about 30 minutes you will see the beautiful sunrise. You will see Mount Bromo and Mount Batok like there under you. Besides, you also will see Mount Semeru.
After seeing the sunrise you can go down to the sea of sand and into the crater of Bromo.

When sunrise
When sunrise
Mount Bromo in the morning
Mount Bromo in the morning

Unique Crater stairs.
To achieve Bromo crater of a sea of sand you can walk or hire a horse. Horse owners will accompany you and the horse will stop at the lip of the crater of Bromo stairs up and the horse will be waiting for you. There is something very unique to the ladder climb Bromo crater where everyone is almost equally in calculating how many stairs up to the crater of Bromo.

When you are at the crater of Bromo, you will see the beautiful sea of sand, you can see Hindu temple. Hindu temple usually used the ceremony of Kasodo. You are also seeing Mount Batok. And you can see beautiful natural scenery.


Savana hill

After seeing the Bromo crater you can see Savana Hill, located the, e.g.: ... before the end of our study."> behind Mount Bromo. You will see a hill with a natural plants and flowers. the hill known as Teletabis hill. Teletabis is film for children.

Horse  at Savana Hill
Horse at Savana Hill
Savana Hill
Savana Hill


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