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How to explore historical places

Updated on June 15, 2014

History is something which is known

History is what is told to us and always it may not be truth hence if you want to find out the real facts then you need to go and discover places by yourself. Even though if you are not a archaeologist but you can have a wonderful experience by exploring the places.

I will first describe, here, some of the prerequisites which will help the readers to make best out of the hub they are reading.

I know, since you have hit this article, that you love history. So, this is the first quality that a guy must have if he is desirous to explore historical facts and places as his hobby.

He must be somewhat daring. Now, do not worry. I am not telling you that you must be ready to stake your life like Dr. Indiana Jones. No. I am not asking you to be daring to that level. You just need to be courageous so that you can also consider traveling those places which are not under the aegis of the archaeological department.

You must have a phone which has GPS in it so that you can access internet any time and anywhere and track your location.Also the other feature that this phone must have is flash light to help you in the darkness.

Finally, If you have seen National Treasure (Both Parts) then it`s fine but if you have not then watching it may add to dimensions with which you see a historical place.

Pyramids : Oldest example of Dressed Masonry

The Giza-pyramids and Giza Necropolis, Egypt, seen from above. Photo taken on 12 December 2008.
The Giza-pyramids and Giza Necropolis, Egypt, seen from above. Photo taken on 12 December 2008. | Source

Reading helps a lot

If you are interested in exploring the historical places then you must have this habit.Before you plan trip for a particular place do all types of research regarding the place which you have decided to visit.

Internet can be a good friend since you may run on some wonderful website, blog, Wikipedia and hence familiarize with all the interesting facts, myths and legends associated with it.

A Good book by a contemporary author may also serve the purpose but I recommend that you select the ancient accounts written by authors of the age when the monument or place was built. Also can you take the reference from various accounts of travelers and other writers. A good account of medieval age China is given by Marco Polo, isn`t it ?

For a more satisfactory and comprehensive approach I urge that you join a public Library-- if you have one in your city-- and then you may spend your less useful time on the considerable research.

Dwarika: A Legendary city of Gujrat

Dwarka, Gujarat, India

get directions

The city, believed to be constructed by Vishwakarma on the order of Bhagwan Shri Krishna.Recent discoveries predict that city submerged in 1443 BC.

Myths, Legends and folktales

I don`t know how much you like them but to me they are source of great fascination and wonder. Some supernatural element involvement makes them, though more incredulous, but indeed it makes them more mysterious and obscured which an explorer would love to unravel.

Myths, Legends and folktales are, generally, regarded by the conspectus as false and unbelievable but remember this happens not in every case. Here is a link if you want to clarify your views on myths and legends. To say much about myths of the western world such as Greek myths that it has some element of truth, I am not very sure since I have never studied Greek myths analytically but when considering Indian mythology such as Mahabharata one needs to think much before proving them completely baseless.

The cases and chain of incidents described and the places on which the incidents took place still contain the remnants and debris of the great Dynasty that ruled over Aryavart(Northern India). Although I agree that not every one will just believe my statement but all the miracles and implausible events performed in the epic are possible with spiritual science that some sages in India still posses.

There are cases which have proven that even the legends and folktales carry with them some piece of information concerned with the past. Although due to large chronological difference, many people continue to add their own stories which make them completely unbelievable. Here is the link which will convince you. You can find more if you trust Google and it`s results.

Promise of Affluence

Some people are interested in historical places because of the rumors and tales of treasure attached with it. I too love this part in a historical place. Finding a treasure is not a bad thing until you decide to take all to your home.

Since the treasure now belongs to the government hence you must be willing to handle the amount to the government. Afterwards govt. will give you your pie.

Treasure hunt, I consider, is a profession. A good way to continue treasure hunt is to become an Archaeologist.But your freedom and autonomy will be in the hand of the government.Other way is to get trained in the profession by designated institutes and then look for someone who may finance. But the dangers associated with this profession are immense and quailing. Hence, one must be very careful if he selects this profession. Here is an interview with India`s leading archaeologist giving some insight on archaeology and life associated with it.

Here is a link which tells you 10 best places in world where the treasure is rumored to be agglomerated.

The best thing in a historical place

Why a Historical place attracts you ?

See results

Whether the place is Protected ?

An place which is protected by Archaeological department offers you safe but least chances of exploring and finding any real adventure. The reasons of it are simple enough highlighted below.

  • All the sensitive and important places are sealed and you cannot visit them.
  • You have to watch the places which authorities want you to watch.
  • If you make your presence in some unconventional places you might get screwed by authorities in charge

But this does not mean that you will be completely devoid of fun and adventure. As you visit the place you will discover lots of information through your eyes which ere could have only be found theoretically. Also if your research is substantial and thorough then you may hit upon something which no body has able to do before.

Things never to forget

Serial no.
A Smart phone with GPS, compass and flash light options
Keeps you on your track
First-Aid Box
Lets you deal trivial injuries which could be fatal later
Relevant Books
Lets you confirm and find your routes further
A travelling bag
Lets you easily keep your necessary things and travel

Acropolis Athens : Greek Architecture

A collection of massive, yet perfectly balanced architectural masterpieces in harmony with the natural landscape, the Acropolis of Athens is one the most important expressions of Classical Greek aesthetics. It was completed by the 5th century BC.
A collection of massive, yet perfectly balanced architectural masterpieces in harmony with the natural landscape, the Acropolis of Athens is one the most important expressions of Classical Greek aesthetics. It was completed by the 5th century BC. | Source

Visiting Wild sites

These sites which are not protected gives you real chances of adventure and feeding your intellectual hunger. If you are a professional writer then you may get considerable data for your new article, book etc by exploring the desolated sites.

I will first outline some precautions that must be definitely taken while travelling the sites falling into the aforementioned category.

  • Illegal activities run a great deal since the desolated area is ideal for these types of activities. Hence you have to make sure that you do not mess with a Smuggler by making various inquisitions regarding the area from local sources.
  • These sites are sometimes haunted hence it is advisable that you make all your activity accomplished during the day time.
  • Get an overview about the place in advance and furnish yourself with the tools according to the nature of the site that you are going to explore.
  • Take first aid box definitely.
  • It is advisable and recommendable if you move in a group. Do not go alone. You will be more comfortable and safe if you move in a group.
  • Take your cell phone and always remain connected with your friends. Always remain connected to the Internet, if it is there.
  • Always be wary and cautious. Do not rush immediately to grab any thing new that you find. All traps, in most of the cases, are around precious or fascinating things.

So this are some of the general precautions, rest can be taken according to the peculiar and distinctive nature of the Site to be explored. Now after I have made you alert, I will outline some of the benefits that these wild sites offer.

  • The best one is the freedom. What ever you do, what ever research you make there will be no one to warn you.
  • The silence that prevails and loneliness associated with the place gives you immense thrill and spirit of adventure.
  • You are one of the very few peoples that have visited the place and hence adding to your honor that you join the elite of privileged.
  • The place is pristine. Very little is disturbed since human involvement is negligible hence the data found is more reliable.
  • The imagination which lets you see the past by looking the presence gives you an extra- edge in exploring the facts and making something out of place quickly by use of rationale.

Front entrance of Vasai(Bassein) Fort

The Bassein Fort is a fort near Vasai, just north of Mumbai on the mainland just north of the Bombay archipelago.
The Bassein Fort is a fort near Vasai, just north of Mumbai on the mainland just north of the Bombay archipelago. | Source

Benefits of exploring Historical Places

This section is intended just to justify that why do one needs to pursue his dream of exploring places, despite of the perils involved in the process.

  • An explorer is like a light house. He makes sure that people are not misguided by rumors and myths but instead they may get always the authentic information.
  • The blithe and the contentment that adventure gives is matchless. That feeling is only known to explorer whose hunger for knowledge transcends fear and doubt.
  • The feeling of travelling into the unknown dimensions of this world is awesome. You are surrounded by contingencies and you always keep you mind cool and composed to cope with urgent situations. That gives a sense of courage and witticism and no gold can match the mirth that arises out of those feelings.
  • It is you who has first discovered it. This feelings is just beyond explanation.
  • You learn to live and value every moment of your life since you know the moments when it became, for you, most important and precious thing of your life.

The Jupiter Temple: Western Asian Architecture

The Jupiter temple in Damascus.
The Jupiter temple in Damascus. | Source

Best Historical Places of India

To get you a quick overview and the type of reading that I asked you to do so I have given here some links which will detail you about historical places of India. If you find India-- uneconomical and very far-- you go for discovering places in your motherland.

1. Top Five Historical Places

2. Best Places in India

3.100 places of History

These are some of the links that I have given and almost all of them come under the ambit of protected monuments. It is advisable that you search, according to your interests, the places which are not protected by Government departments.

Mayan Cities: Epitome in austere architecture

Chichen Itza was one of the largest Maya cities and was a major focal point in the northern Maya lowlands from the Late Classic through to the Early Postclassic period and that demonstrated a variety of Maya and non-Maya architectural styles.
Chichen Itza was one of the largest Maya cities and was a major focal point in the northern Maya lowlands from the Late Classic through to the Early Postclassic period and that demonstrated a variety of Maya and non-Maya architectural styles. | Source

Lost Ancient Indian Treasures


History gives us lessons and also makes us wise. There are many facets of human civilizations that are still lost in anonymity. It is a daunted historian and archaeologist(explorer) who travels in the times which are now a past but has had contributed significantly to the modern culture and civilization.

Exploring historical places promises a sense of adventure and soothes our intense hunger for the mysteries. It also makes us daring and spend our life away from the problems which are result of modern human civilizations.

I have described some ways and given a general overview and advice to novitiate chaps who consider themselves born for adventure and travelling. I welcome criticisms as well as any pertinent question from my readers to which they think unanswered, even after reading the blog.

Wishing you all adventurous spirit


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