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How to find an Asian market in København?

Updated on November 10, 2014

It is very close to Københavns Hovedbanegård station. Located opposite of the auxiliary gates (Københavns Hovedbanegård station, Københavns H or colloquially Central station is the largest railway station in København, hence the city's main train station. All regional and long-distance connections are led across the Central Station and is thus the region's significant hub for passenger train operation. It is also the station in Scandinavia, with most international destinations.)

Here you can easy to find up to 60% Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Indian,, vegetables, fruits, seafood, tradition canned food, dried food, favorite sauce and spices, etc....

At Vietnamese grocery stores, you can find many different kind of vegetables such as: Fresh bamboo shoots, mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, tubers and herbs such as cassava, kohlrabi, lettuce, heart leaf, broad beans, banana flowers, leaves guise, coriander, basil cinnamon, cumin ... The tropical fruits like mango, banana, porcelain, dragon fruit, guava, mangosteen, watermelon. Frozen food: sausages Vietnam (Gio lua, gio collection), shrimp, squid, egg, dumpling .. dried food such as rice paper, noodles packet, packet soup, dry noodles, vermicelli, dry noodles dry ...

At Turkish or Iranian stores, you can buy large shrimps, original eggs, chips, juices and all kind of fresh vegetables, fruits, canned chicken sausage, order cream bakes for birthday...etc... for cheap compare to regular supermarket

At the Thai stores, you can find almost everything for Thai foods, if you love to make Tom yum soup or Thai curries, enjoy pickled green mango, fruits and much more? Come and take a look...

Chinese stores has similar product as Vietnamese stores, from oyster sauce, soy sauce, tofu, to noodles, wontons, dumplings, etc...

Each store contains its unique items. You now can enjoy your trip

Welcome to Denmark

A markerReventlowsgade 24 -
Reventlowsgade 24, 1651 København V, Denmark
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