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How to Find Work Abroad as a Traveler

Updated on October 6, 2017

Working abroad


Finding a job abroad

How to Find a Job Abroad as a Traveler

In this day and age, many people still have that mindset that going abroad is the best way to go in life, both for personal and professional reasons. But, what really is it that prods a person to leave his nest to travel far away?

The Benefits of Working Abroad

The answer is that there’s no solitary reason why people choose to go abroad. Instead, they have quite a number of good reasons.

These reasons vary and could range from somewhat superficial (e.g. sightseeing, having something to post on social media) to serious and life-changing (e.g. meeting new people, being immersed in a different culture, self-growth and discovery, and financial stability).

If it’s a work or career that had driven you to go abroad, then the more that you’ll appreciate its benefits. Aside from getting to develop new skills while enhancing your existing ones, you’ll also get to improve your CV, expand your social and professional networks, and eventually land higher paying jobs. Needless to say, you might even learn a new language or two!

As the saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Working abroad offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities, and these are some of the reasons why people would still choose to fly across the sea – in this day and age.

Jobs That You Can Do While Traveling Abroad

Going abroad to work is a whole lot different from traveling for pleasure. But, if you can do both, then well for you. The only other problem that you might have to face is going jobless or penniless while in a foreign country.

If you are not a professional worker (e.g. nurse, engineer), or are simply staying with a tourist visa, chances are you might not be able to find a job that easily. But, if you are persistent and resolved enough to work abroad, then one of the things that you can do for a living and to help you get by during difficult times is getting yourself an online job – or two!

All you’ll need is a personal computer and Internet connection to get started. Be careful, though, not to fall for scams as they could sometimes be so elaborate that you’d really think they’re legit – at first. The rule of thumb here is “if it’s too good to be true, then most likely, it is.”

There are lots of online jobs out there and legitimate platforms where you can find them. Upwork is a good place to start searching, but there is also Freelancer, WeWorkRemotely, and PeoplePerHour. These platforms allow clients to post their jobs and for contractors (or freelancers) to apply to them. Easy jobs that you can do include web research, data entry, customer support, social media management, content writing, etc.

Likewise, you can start making money out of your trip by blogging, or more recently “vlogging”, about it. The important thing here is to maximize whatever talent, skills, and resources you have. Do your research, and take some time to look at other jobs and opportunities.

Alternatively, you can apply for a position at fast-food chains, groceries, and coffee shops. You can also work as a babysitter, apple picker, or dog walker. Learn how to search for jobs using the local classified ads. Most importantly, be resourceful and never stop persevering.

Things to Do Before You Leave the Country

Going on a short trip or vacation requires less planning and preparation, but still needs ample attention to the details. Meanwhile, if you are to work abroad, you are most likely looking at a time-frame of more than a year. So, you’d better prepare for what lies ahead for this journey.

Before you leave the country, make sure that everything is in order – from your travel documents (e.g. passport, visa) to your work papers and even your personal stuff. Also, take some time to learn the other country’s culture, its people and their language, and even their transportation system. The last thing that you’d like to happen on your first few days is to get lost - literally.

Japan, for example, has quite a complicated transport system that you might want to study beforehand, especially if going to Otaku and Kawaii in Mt. Fuji is on your bucket list.

Finally Decided to Work Abroad?

Searching for jobs abroad has become way easier with the dawn of the Internet, and there are numerous (and legit) online job boards, classified ads and program offerings to choose from.

The ones, though, that you might find extremely useful include,, BUNAC, and, , if you are looking job portals for every country there is one extremely useful website (just found it), just pick a place on the map and that’s all ;).

If you truly believe that going abroad is something that you’d like to do then, by all means, get on that plane and pursue your dream. It matters less what your purpose is (work, enjoyment, etc.). What’s more important is the person that you’ll become and how your life will emerge after the journey.

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