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How to flirt with French women

Updated on April 28, 2011
Guy the French lover par excellence
Guy the French lover par excellence

A local legend with women in Paris tells his secret

"Guy" is a local legend in Paris. I have witnessed him with my own eyes seduce the coldest and most distant woman you can imagine. He can break the ice, make the conversation flow, and before you know it even the most rigid schoolmarm will be melting in his arms. Yes, he is that good. I really don't understand it. He tried to put his lucky French charms on me and they did not work. But yet, time and time again, I am witness to his masterful seduction technique. I finally asked him: what is your secret Guy?

In this exclusive interview with a French Casanova, find out how to meet a real French woman.

Paris women: hot tips from a local legend

"French women, they are different from other women just as their language is from other languages. If you were to flirt with a Parisian woman you wouldn’t do it like you would in other languages. The words are different, the actions as well as the responses are different too. The French flirt in casual and good natured way that would easily pull you along. Their flirts involve an attitude that cares less and has a lot of looking involved. You need not to worry about your accent because they are equally affected when it comes to other languages. All you need to do is let your wits loose and just make it a bit French!"

"You basically need to be as informal as possible, and let your flirts be as natural as possible. The French love their country and the beauty of their monuments. You therefore need to incorporate their monuments into your flatters as natural and casual as you can. Feel free to walk up to any Parisian woman and initiate a flirt, especially if you are in a public place like Paris museums."

"French flirt is an art, they don’t use pick up lines, they incorporate them in their conversations. An invitation to a flirt is signaled by a coyly smile. So if you see someone smiling at you, be at ease and initiate or reciprocate the flirting with a gentle smile. This is your first step. Flatter excessively. The French flatter excessively when they are interested in someone. Let the flatters flow naturally as well. If you happen to be around the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, Louvre museum or any other monument, such lines would be of great help if incorporated in the conversation."

Some key phrases by Guy:

Comme quoi se sent-il pour être la fille la plus belle sous le tour Eiffel?
(How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl below the Eiffel Tower?)

Il fait chaud ici, ou c`est juste toi?
(Is it hot in here, or is it just you?)

C’est une belle chemise. Peut on vous-parler de lui?
(That's a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?)

Vos expressions impressionnante changent comme les couleurs de rotation de rosace de Notre-Dame, puis-moi the serrer dans mes bras?
(Your expressions impressively change like the turning colours of rose window at Notre Dame, can I hold you in my arms?)

Je vais être obligé de vous mettre sur mon "liste de tâches!
(I'm gonna have to put you on my "To Do" List!)


Make gentle touches on shoulders and arms. It is a sign of interest as the flirt goes on and make sure she is paying attention.

Make subtle moves so as to draw attention towards you.

At the end of your flirt kiss her gently on her hand. A kiss is a great seduction tool. This technique must work for you. Don’t kiss on the lips, it might grant you a slapped.

American seduction technique (according to Guy it will not work)

French women, a Japanese persepctive


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