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How to get a cheap vacation

Updated on May 23, 2010

Cheap Vacations

Cheap and discounted vacations, that's what we want, right? Now, I have to say from the start, I'm using the term vacation, even though I'm a Brit, so would normally say holiday. But this web site is mainly American, so vacation it is – hope that's OK with you fellas. Anyway, cheap vacations, that's what we're after. Here I'll tell you one way to help you get that cheap vacation.

Cheap Vacations - that's what we want!

Book early and get the best deal on your vacation - with more choice too
Book early and get the best deal on your vacation - with more choice too

Book Early

Book your vacation early on in the year. Many folks think that by waiting for the last possible moment, you'll get the best bargains. Well, I'm here to tell you this isn't always the case.

Travel companies love you to book early, this way they can be sure they know how much business they're getting. So, to encourage you to book, we are offered deals to secure our vacation business.

Various types of offers are often given. This offer is sometimes as simple as the “book now and save 20%” type of offer. These are best ones, as you save money on the total cost of your vacation. You may well be offered an offer which is slightly more subtle, such as pay $25 deposit. This second offer isn't quite as good because you don't actually save money on the total vacation cost; what you do get is the ability to pay a relatively small down-payment on your holiday, rather than the normal deposit. This can come in handy if things are a little tight, and you want to wait a while until you pay for your holiday.

Booking early also means you're more likely to get the vacation you want. So don't hang around, get that vacation booked, and start looking forward to a great holiday.

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