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Landtrip To Baguio City

Updated on September 25, 2018
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Her courage is her dominant character trait. She loves taking video tutorials in youtube and writing articles in her travel blog site.

Victory Liner Bus

Fully Air-conditioned Bus
Fully Air-conditioned Bus

This experience was first time and I did not have enough knowledge in going to the place. Maybe this hub can help a little to some people when they read this experience traveling alone. But, it was exciting and challenging as a backpacker.

My First Trip - SM Baguio

I would like to share my experience in getting to Baguio City. My first ever trip alone and being a first timer, I was so excited and never come to my mind being scared of what would happen to me the moment I arrived in Baguio.

It was my uncle who invited me to come over to the place during their field trip with his co-teachers. He said that I would have a free lodge and food if I'm gonna grab this opportunity to explore the place since this well known summer capital of the Philippines is really my dream place to visit, why not, so I grabbed it!

The next day after I received a call from him, I went to Victory Liner at Cubao Araneta to buy my ticket and prepare for my trip. The Victory Liner bus fare that time was P650 while the Victory Liner ordinary bus fare was P450. Of course, I chose the cheapest one.

The difference between the two buses is the CR or lavatory because in the expensive bus they have it together with the snacks, in ordinary bus NADA.

On my way to Baguio, I felt quite dizzy because the travel time took so long for me and I'm not used to it, I have car sickness but with stop over in each terminal of each province we passed by. It was good to stop in the terminals to fix myself, to buy snacks or relax and sometimes stretch the body outside since I sat long hours all the way.

I also talked to my seatmate when got bored and she was really nice to me. I've learned that she always visits her BF in Baguio so that was not her first time to visit there. I gathered some information from her on how to get off from the terminal and go straight to SM Baguio where my uncle was waiting for me.

I left Manila in the morning but I did not notice what was the exact time when the bus left Manila. But, I think It was 11 a.M.

My seatmate offered a kind heart to drop me off to SM because her BF picked her up with his own car so they took me to the shopping mall since it was also on their way back home. I was just lucky enough but you can take taxi or jeepney anyway.

At Last!

I arrived there around 5:30 or 6 P.M. I'm not particular with the time anyway since my watch is sometimes advanced or late even until now. In short, I left Manila in the morning and I arrived Baguio in the afternoon. I hope this can help even a little in your plan trip to Baguio if you are traveling alone by bus. Have a safe trip :

© 2013 Robelyn Yambao


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