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How to get to the Camper Shoe Outlet near Barcelona

Updated on May 9, 2011

The Camper Shoe Outlet at La Roca Village


Instructions to print

If you love Camper shoes and have a chance to visit Barcelona, it's worth it to take a day trip to the Camper Shoe outlet where they sell 'Re-camper' shoes. They are either 'factory seconds' or returned goods. I've yet to go there and not find anything as they have many pairs of shoes in stock at very good prices.


Option 1: Bus from Fabra i Puig to La Roca (Monday to Friday)

1. Take the Barcelona metro to the station called Fabra i Puig and then exit the station to the side with all of the bus stops.

2. Look at the signposts in each bus stall until you find the one that goes to Granollers Station and then La Roca Village. it tends to be the only bus stop with tourists standing in front, guidebooks in hand, so it's really not difficult to find.

3. Get the bus to La Roca Village.


Option 2: 'Shopping Express' Bus from Plaça Catalunya to La Roca (Mon to Sat)

1. Get to 10, Plaça Catalunya. It's a large square, so on any tourist map.

2. Look for the Shopping Express signs to know where to wait.

3. Get the bus to La Roca Village.

In addition, it's also possible to stay at the Camper Shoe Hotel, reviews here.


Tip: Make sure to check your return bus schedules upon arriving at La Roca, so that you can plan the rest of your day. La Roca is a 50 minute distance from Barcelona, so you do not want to miss the bus.


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